Intermediate MTBO, Wainuiomata, 29 May 10

Wow that was good, they said. In spite of a week's solid rain, the tracks in the Wainuiomata bush were in good nick, and in fact most people chose the longest course! Mind you most also chose to do the course on foot, considering the time involved in bike cleaning.

Others who spent the afternoon indoors still have this lovely valley to visit. With just 17 controls in a square kilometre plus 4 more in nearby parks, the four courses are easily set up and could do with a re-run sometime.

Fastest time was posted by Lee Campbell who just happened by after riding over the hill from Lower Hutt; while top vet biker Marco Renalli showed he can run as well.


Course 1: 3.5km

  1. Bruce Worsley (foot) 33-19
Course 2: 5km
  1. Linda Mead (bike), 48-20
  2. Hannah Barnes (foot) 71-20
  3. Martine And Pauline Barnes, can't find a finish time
Course 3: 8.5km
Course 4: 12.5km
  1. Lee Campbell (bike), 84-50
  2. Marco Renalli, (foot) 85-36
  3. Graeme Silcock, (bike unoff) 93-50
  4. Phil Pharand and David Nesbitt (Foot) 127-17
  5. Nathan Frost (Foot) 127-30
Total starters 11. Courses planned by with help on the day from Simon Kennett, Graeme Silcock, Peter Barnes and Linda Mead. Results installed on 29 May 10

Brownie MTBO, Upper Hutt, 25 Apr 10

The second Brownie event ran between two bridges again: the Totara Park road bridge and the wonderful footbridge near Harcourt Park. (I was an engineer once, it's very clever!) And Harcourt Park has that beautiful little maze in the trees near the Akatarawa Road.

Again everybody completed the long course except for Tim whose pillion seat started to come adrift. And an increasing number felt they didn't need the short intro course, which is good. An interesting variation was William and Sarah and two littlies who did it as a relay, the biker swapping with the baby buggy halfway round. Anyone else for buggy-orienteering?

If you didn't get there, we've put the map on the website, its a 643kb pdf. Jenny Visser and Mike Fee planned the courses, and Bruce Worsley and Michael Wood helped on the day.

Results (gotta feeling we mighta missed one or two chaperone names)

Course 1: 1km around California Park, untimed

Course 2: 7km through Totara Park Bridge and Harcourt Park
  1. David King, WN, 34-11 (incl Calif Pk)
  2. Phil Pharand, 49-30
  3. William Power +3 (relay), WN, 49-45
  4. Bruce Worsley, HV, 51-32 (incl Calif Pk)
  5. Selina Perrie, 54-30
  6. Paul Thomas, 54-30
  7. Linda and Derek Mead (HV) 58-30
  8. Laura le Page, 72-44
  9. Lennox, 74-50
  10. James Nicholas 75-30
  11. Sofie Nicholas, 77-10
  12. Megan and Paula (and Mum?), 78-30
  13. Daniel, with Brian Hallinan 91-37
  14. Jack and Connor S-C, 94-10
  15. Sarah Jennings, 97-51
  16. Sam Mitchell, 98-15
  17. Ben Mitchell (and Nicola?), 98-42
  18. Tim Caughley and passenger, mechanical probs

Total starters 42, separate individuals 28. Courses planned by and Jenny Visser, with help on the day from Bruce Worsley and Michael Wood. Results installed on 26 Apr 10

Brownie MTBO, Lower Hutt, 27 Mar 10

A great day for this year's first "Brownie" MTB-Orienteering event which returned to the part of the riverbank where we had the first one two years ago. But if you thought you knew it you were in for a surprise, because the river people are always changing things (for flood protection) and the willows are growing and being cut down, and kids are always making tracks.

The intro course included a new bumpy track in the willows, and then the green line said you had to ride over FOUR hills. Hands up who was honest!!! Then along the stop-bank and down behind the shrubs where a man was convinced we were going to fall off and wreck his fence!!! And back past the cars to the finish.

The long course went across the Melling Bridge and past the skateboard area to a 4WD track in the trees. Then all the way to the Kennedy-Good Bridge, except you had to go down some of the little tracks through the willows. Coming back down the other side there were the little bumps that the BMX boys had made. Oh and there was no box for #28 on the card and you had to use your initiative.

The really good thing was that EVERYONE did the long course, no matter how short their legs! So it will be good to see you all at the next one at Totara Park on Anzac Day!

You can download the map here, its a 1215kb pdf. Keith Wild and Michael Wood planned the courses, and some members of the Wellington (foot-o) training squad also did an exercise based on these controls and some extras. Read about last year and the year before.


Course 1km around the croquet club, untimed

Course 2 6km Melling to Kennedy-Good bridge and return
  1. Luke and Jarred Duncan, with Andrew 45-00
  2. Jen Moffatt plus 1 45-00
  3. Linda and Derek Mead (HV) 55-00
  4. Teresa and Michelle Warner, with Glen 56-00
  5. William Johnston and Zac Small, with Barryn Westfield HV, 67-00
  6. James Nicholas 71-00
  7. Don Peat and family (WN) 72:00
  8. Little Rickard with Mark 95:00
  9. Ben and Sam Mitchell, with Nicola 95-00
  10. Daniel, with Brian Hallinan about 100
And we didn't get times for these guys...

Total starters 58, separate individuals 31. Courses planned by with advice from Michael Wood, results installed on 27 Mar 10