Orienteering Hutt Valley: City Safari 24 July  .
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Control Visit Summary

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Six-Hour Category

Team Category Members Affiliation Score Place
Cross Open Al Cross, Nigel Corry LH adventure racers 770 1, 1st Men
Lost Boys Open Fraser Clark, Chris Strange Ult Frisbee, MTB/Mt runners 650 2
Ro Jo Mixed Rob Harrow, Jo Forbes Wgtn adventure racers 640 3, 1st Mixed
Blind Leading the Blind Mixed Eric Barber, Sue Little, Ian Bowie Wai mountain runners 610 4
Silcock Mixed Graeme Silcock, Sue Eastwood LH MTBers 600 5
Underwood Mixed Sarah Underwood, William Power Wgtn orienteers 570 6
Hill Mixed Warwick Hill, Diane Hill Wgtn orienteers 540 7
Watson Mixed Emma Watson, Peter Watson Waipukurau orienteers, father and daughter 670-130=540 8
Homes Mixed Rita Homes, Leo Homes, Bernie Homes Wgtn orienteers 530 9
Gazley Open Tony Gazley, Chris Tait Wgtn/Wai rogainers 530 10
Breathalysersafe Mixed Gavin Scott, Julia Fraser UH/Wgtn orienteers 520 11
Hastings Mixed, B.H. Keith Hastings, Margaret Sickling, Jan Sickling, Craig Martell   500 12, 1st BH
Jabs Mixed Jan Bliekendaal, Andrew Shelley Papakowhai Harriers 480 13
Edwards Mixed Gail Edwards, Andy Duncan, Roger Underhill Wai orienteers 460 14
Roberts Open Graeme Roberts, Craig Roberts Wai harriers/o'teers 460 15
Palmy Girls Women Royce Mills, Ngaire Davies P North orienteers 450 16, 1st Women
Scott Open Dave Scott, Steve Collie   430 17
Ellmers/Watson College Aiden Ellmers, James Watson Waipukurau, orienteers 380 18, 1st Coll

Three-Hour Category

Team Category Members Affiliation
Angliss Mixed Debbie Angliss, Claire Angliss, Martin   290-30=260 1, 1st Mixed
van Dyk Open Jason van Dyk, Tony van Dyk LH orienteers 250 2, 1st Men
Bah College Ashley Colebrooke, Oliver Tuohy HVHS orienteers 230 3, 1st Coll
Edmonds Family Mixed David, Kathryn, Daniel, Jack Edmonds Wgtn orienteers 230 4
Dogle College Spedding, Whiteford, et al   220 5
Slow Coaches Mixed Bruce Worsley, Lynette Porter UH orienteers 210 6
Lucy's Team Women Lucy Gijsbers, Amy Lewis, Mary Meo   210 7, 1st Women
Melanie's Team Women Melanie Paulin, Heather Lewis, Joy Lewis   200 8
Michelle & Tracy Women Michelle Fisher, Tracy   150 9
Katie and Gillian College Katie Scott, Gillian ?? Chilton St James 270-700=-430 10
Renalli Unoff Marco Renalli LH MTBer 120
Briony & Lise Women Lisa Phelan, Briony Davies   DNS
Sharon & Co. Women     DNS
Andy Foster Men Andy Foster et al Wgtn off-road runner DNS


Course planner Michael Wood, assisted by Allan Stowell, Jim Maxwell, Bill Edwards and Andrew McCarthy. On-the-day help by Peter Bakos, David McCarthy, James Scott and Shona Drake. Beginner course on the day by Tony and Jason van Dyk. Transport provided free by Cityline Hutt Valley and Tranz Metro. Liaison with Hutt City departments by its Liesure Active Unit. Publications and publicity by Peter Bakos and Bruce Worsley, with valued help from Greater Wellington (the regional council).
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