To All members of the Hutt Valley Orienteering Club

HVOC Event Programme

The way we set our event programme is to ask you what you are prepared to do, then the committee figures out how many events can be run within that. So you don't feel pressured, and I don't have an impossible job to fill vacancies. Basically your contribution should depend on the events you take part in, except for first-year members who should just enjoy themselves!
  1. You make your offer to me, to be one of the key organisers (planner, controller, coordinator) for a certain type of event and which months would suit you.
  2. In mid September each year I'll take all the offers I get, discount them a bit to allow for the inevitable withdrawals, and match them into events. This will let me take part in the regional (WOA) programme negotiations.
  3. When the dates have firmed up I'll send you back an event roster. If the details don't suit you tell me as soon as you can and just like this year we'll do some swapping and if necessary cancel.
After 2001 when we ran the NZ Secondary School Champs, the NZ MTB-Orienteering Champs and the Regional Relay Champs, we are looking forward to a more modest year. The committee hopes that we will be able to run an OY event, as we haven’t played our part in running this series for a while. Obviously, rogaine people should think about rogaines, and MTBO people should think about MTBO events.

Of course you can offer at any time, but I think it makes sense to look at the programme a couple of times a year, so I'll ask again next March

Best regards, Michael Wood
HVOC Programme Coordinator

Hutt Valley Orienteering Club: Event Offers for 2002

If any of the events below grab you
  1. Note change 2004: consult the current officers list to find the volunteer coordinator and send them an email or,
  2. Print this off, circle the role(s) you could fill and the map(s) you would like to use and when would suit you. Send it to the club at Box 30 398 Lower Hutt.

A. Park event with a white and yellow course.

We have run these after work in February for the last 6 years. They have quite a short opening time, I can leave home with the gear at 5pm, set up and run the event between 6 and 7pm, and be packed up and back home at 8pm!

Possibilities Harcourt Pk, Maidstone Pk, Trentham Pk, Percys Reserve, Fraser Pk, Avalon Pk, Belmont Domain/School, Williams Pk, Jubilee Pk, Central Lower Hutt, CIT, Tunnel Gully.


I could be …Planner (ideal learning experience)

Coordinator (Sometimes there is one coordinator for a series of them) (They don't need controllers; the planner and coordinator can run things on the day)

B. Street event on the "Quattr-O" system.

You have one map with all the circles on, different courses get different numbers of them. Question-and-Answer controls so nothing to put out on the day. If you start at a park with a large-scale map you can offer a white course with proper controls for kids too young for streets. Even on Sunday they can be very concentrated eg 2 hours from first start to course closure, which is great for atmosphere.

Possibilities Anywhere in the valley from Petone to Akatarawa. We can extract an A4 rectangle from the computer anywhere to suit you. The word "street" is a bit of a misnomer, there are heaps of bush tracks on these maps.


I could be… Planner

Assistant Planner for the white courses and learning the ropes (They don't need controllers) (The planner and assistant can run things on the day)

C. Club event with say four courses within the Hutt Valley, on a Sunday.

Possibilities Belmont Bunkers, Bullamahanga, Catchpool, Tunnel Gully.


I could be… Planner……Coordinator……..Controller

D. Regional event with say 8 courses such as an OY.

Possibilities Jollies Bush, Moores Taipo in the Wairarapa. Or Watchtower,Wanda at Waitarere.


I could be… Planner……..Coordinator………..Controller

D. National event with say ten courses and pre-entry.

We haven’t applied for any of these, just put in to complete the picture. We could look at running the area champs in 2003.

E. Rogaine (long distance event on a topo map)

While we have initiated rogaines in this area, rogaine planners come from other clubs and even outside clubs! Possibilities Belmont Regional Park, Karapoti, Makara/Terawhiti. (We aren’t doing a big one this year so we can support the Marlborough one.) Remember, no controls to put out or get in. Small rogaines have even been planned entirely on the desktop with "honesty" controls!!!


I could be… Co-Planner (1 or 2 day's exploration collecting questions which serve instead of control markers, and you can still take part unofficially)

Coordinator (advertising, entries, master map preparation and copying, results) Controller (we've never had one)

F. MTB-Orienteering

If you're into biking then you will be pleased to know that these are much easier to organise than the equivalent foot-orienteering event. Because everything's on tracks and you can often put the controls out by vehicle.

Possibilities with maps already: Whitby, Tunnel Gully, St Pats Forest, Waitarere, Makara Peak, Poroporo Block (Wairarapa). Other possibilities Belmont Regional Park, Karapoti-Battle Hill, Eastern Hills, or on the street maps which cover all of Upper and Lower Hutt.


I could be… Planner (You set the courses for route choice on the table at home, then you have to make sure all the tracks still exist - one day.)

Coordinator (advertising, entries, map preparation and copying, results)

Controller (we've never had one)

F. Anything Else (Practice events, social activities)

Suggestion: at squad and junior camps the courses are generally designed on the table-top without visiting the map, a couple of people go early on the day and put the controls out or else the first exercise incorporates placing controls. Participants time themselves. Sometimes biodegradeable control markers are used (toilet paper)!



It doesn't take much effort to choose a restaurant for a get-together, or to offer to host a pot-luck meal. Likewise a practice event can be organised by one person.

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