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2015 T-Max Results

Maidstone Park, 10 Dec 15

Course planner assisted by Gavin Scott. Participants 17.

Beaut day turned a bit cloudy. But the huge crowd of of spectators was warm and dry in the grandstand with a panoramic view of the start, finish, spectator leg and second quarter of the course. 37 controls with dummies on similar features to practice accuracy. Course included cvic centre, 192-tree park and the region's best playground. Thanks to Gavin, Ocean Mercier, Pat van Berkel and Simon Rea for collecting controls.

An asterisk in the results means a different combination of controls from the majority. We used a simple splits printer which requires no computer or setup, but doesn't retain the data. The absence of an SI box for a time (thrown in bushes) would also have affected things, but its nice and easy to administer!


Course 1. 1.8 km

  1. No takers

Course 2. 2.4km

  1. Graeme Carruthers 21:06*
  2. Olly Edwards 22:12*
  3. Gavin Scott 23:15*

Course 3. 3.7km

  1. Bill Edwards 19:20
  2. Stuart Engleback 23:09
  3. Nicholas Moore 23:18
  4. Kieran Edwards 25:19
  5. Ellie Molloy 26:33
  6. Emma Carruthers 26:57
  7. Ocean Mercier 27:07
  8. Casey Smith 27:29*
  9. Susan Edwards 28:15
  10. Pat van Berkel 28:47
  11. Simon Rea 33:11
  12. Don Locke 33:15
  13. Alex Bridger 46:50*

Wrights Hill, 2 Dec 15

Course planner

WOC wheeled out their fog machine again tonight, reducing visibility to about 20m. A tough combination with bush and those ridiculously thin track symbols from the sprint mapping specification. However competitors had it easy compared with the fat guy in the red suit guarding control 105.

There was a red course, an orange course with a traffic-lighting emphasis, and a yellow course. Look for results on Winsplits.

Thanks to Simon and Magnus for Course setup/take down, Paul/Allan for collecting controls, Sarah for the controlling influence and Neil K for the tutelage. Without his assistance this event probably wouldn’t have happened.

Next week's T-Max is in Upper Hutt, where the flat bit of Maidstone Park has been remapped (sprint specifications). The training course will reward fast accurate running with dummy and/or missing controls. There will also be a standard yellow level course; details on the ONZ calendar.

Avalon Park, 24 Nov 15

Course planner (originally for Get2Go) assisted by Gavin Scott. Participants 11.

Beaut evening. Score course adapted from Get2Go course in August, with time reduced to 30min. Bonus controls via maps on stakes on the way round. River in bounds (flow 9 cumecs and about knee deep.) No newbies unfortunately, oldies you have to shoulder the task of recruitment and what better opportunity? With five runners clearing the course, the win came down to the last start wave! Thanks to Greg Thurlow for helping with control collection.

Course 1 Yellow

  1. No takers

Course 2 Score, max 310

  1. Greg Thurlow, 310 22:42
  2. Lara Molloy and separately Nicholas More 310 24:14
  3. See above
  4. William Power 310 28:50
  5. Simon Rea 310 29:07
  6. Dick Dinsdale 300 28:40
  7. Ellie Molloy, 290 30:00
  8. Paul Clarke 310 -30L =280 32:13
  9. Lisa Caulfield 270 28:31
  10. David Middleton 230 28:20
  11. Beverley Holder 130 23:48

Mt Victoria, 19 Nov 15

Course planner

It was a great night to be out running this evening, and the fire that started while putting out controls seemed to be out by the time the first runners got to the area. Phew!

Results are on Winsplits. Well done to Greg who won the "Malcolm's mapping madness" course, Benoist (visitor from France?) who won the advanced course and Steve on the beginners.

Next week's T-Max is at Lower Hutt, using Avalon Park and Belmont Domain. It will be a 30-minute score event with an optional training component like last time. Details on the ONZ calendar.

Hutt Riverbank, 11 Nov 15

Course planner assisted by Michael Wood. Participants 18.

Cold Southerly with rain kept some people away from the Riverbank today, but those who turned up seemed to enjoy themselves. First time using our new Sportident Printer Set. It doesn't print the names, just the SI number, so I hope I have matched everyones name to the SI number correctly. I haven't been through all the clipcards to see if everyone on the memory course did all of the controls? Some people didn't see some of the memory maps attached to the controls, but they were all there when the controls were collected at the end. Thanks to Graeme and Emma Carruthers for helping with control collection.

Course 1 Yellow

  1. William Power, 16.37
  2. Graeme Carruthers, 17.33
  3. Ben O'Sullivan, 18.38
  4. Steve Moore, 24.33

Course 2 Memory

  1. Greg Thurlow, 23.25
  2. Nicholas Moore, 24.38
  3. Sam Middleton, 25.22
  4. Simon Teesdale, 25.50
  5. Paul Teesdale-Spittle, 27.47
  6. Sarah O'Sullivan, 28.08
  7. Lara Molloy, 29.49
  8. Ellie Molloy, 31.27
  9. Anne Kendon, 31.45
  10. Emma Carruthers, 34.51
  11. Alex Bridger, 39.53
  12. David Middleton, 41.07
  13. Don Locke, 45.04
  14. Rachel Middleton, 56.05

Kaukau, 3 Nov 15

Course planner

The first T-Max tonight offered white and yellow courses, but there were no takers on a misty and breezy evening. However the red course and a contour-only course challenged 10-20 people, the low visibility creating testing conditions for navigation. If only we could call up mist to order, it would make farmland as interesting as forest!

Sport Ident was used, look for results on Winsplits.