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The after-work adventure run that puts spring into your step

After work during spring, Wellington and Hutt Valley orienteers will put on short orienteering courses suitable for beginners, plus a training or development activity matched to the venue - hand-picked from Wellington's most attractive running spots. This is not a competition, its a way of trying something new, having fun, gaining skills.

After the silly season we'll move into competition gear, get out the stop-watch, and see who's best! There are local and national championships, regional and school series, and even world medals to be won!! Yes we do!!!

Why T?

"T" is a letter of the alphabet that we haven't used before. Max was a label dreamt up by Cricket NZ for a new format of the game. Cricket-Max. Funny they don't seem to use it these days.

This website doesn't have bells and whistles or a page layout like a fashion magazine. It simply aims to give you the facts about T-Max. We're not perfect, if you can't easily find an answer, just


  • What. A short orienteering event, with a couple of options. One for beginners. Another for experienced orienteers. This may have a "twist" that gives it a training focus. For example, the map may only have contours on it.
  • How long. Fit experts probably under 30min. If you're taking over an hour we'll suggest cutting some of the optional parts of the course.
  • When. After work in November and December. You can start between 6 and 7pm.
  • Where. Orienteering areas in or near the city. You may have been there before. See "twist" above.
  • How much. $8 adult $4 U21. No pre-registration, take your chance on map supplies. Pay on the day.
  • Timing. Maybe. Bring your SI card just in case.
  • Help. Don't let those regulars talk among themselves. Grab one before you go out on the course and ask what skills the course is focussing on.
The specific details are on the orienteering calendar, follow the links from T-Max Home.

The Other "..Max" events

Wellington and Hutt Valley orienteers run several series of "beginners-alongside-experts" events.

  • O-Max is fast-paced foot-orienteering in parks. Beginners can't get lost but experts are given surprise tasks that are only revealed on the start line. It brings elite orienteers back to the same parks year after year! O-Max runs after work in Feb-Mar.
  • P-Max is a mini rogaine formula. A traditional rogaine is looong, sometimes up to 24hrs in length. P-Max is only ONE hour. We get lots of school teams, and we also get experts practising their teamwork and route planning. P-Max runs after work in Apr-May
  • B-Max is our introductory bike-orienteering formula. You'll see family groups, with trainer wheels and sometimes trailers! You'll see experts with all the gear. But its literally and symbolically a level playing field. That fancy bike doesn't help you find the control points!
  • U-Max is our Do-It-Yourself practice formula for foot-orienteering. You print the map from the internet, meet at the appointed place, put out 2-3 markers each, then make a course from the marker positions and run it.
  • CSW stands for "College Sport Wellington" and is a series of Sunday events aimed at teenagers. They'll take you to some areas you may not have been to.
  • And on and on to places far and wide, orienteering nirvana is an area you've never set foot on, you just have the map!

Find out more on the Wgtn orienteering calendar.

Enquiries Ph 566 2645