Mixed Teams to the fore in 2005 Safari

Score given as: main event - lateness + prologue - lateness = Net score.
Final lateness taken into account but prior to answer checking (watch out:-))
Let us know of any erros woops errors... Printing best done in landscape orientation.

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Six-Hour Category

Team Category Members Affiliation Score Place
Cross Mixed Al Cross, Jill Westenra LH adventure racers 1100+90-10=1180 1, 1st Mixed
Quick Learners Mixed Debbie Mansfield, Julie Gordon, Glen Warner LH Mt runners 990+75-20=1045 2
Chaplow Open Paul Chaplow, Barryn Westfield Wgtn adventure racers 980-10+65=1035 3, 1st Men
Gerry & Anton Open Gerry Whitehouse, Anton Marsden Otaki 950+75-20=1005 4
Mike and Gloria Mixed Phil Wood, Ally Davey Auck Adventure Racers 910+90=1000 5
Bowie Open Ian Bowie, Antony Zytelka LH/Wrapa Multisporters 920+75=995 6
Capital Stamina Bus Hse Liam Drew, Barry Stevens Wgtn 870+100-10=960 7, 1st Bus Hse
Flannery Open Matt Flannery, James Flannery Wgtn 900+75-20=955 8
Jam & Peanut Butter Open Peter Bakos, Jason van Dyk LH orienteers 830+90=920 9
Fa'arrow Mixed Jo Forbes, Rob Harrow Wgtn Adventure Racers 850+35=885 10
Corry Open Nigel Corry, Christie Smith Wgtn Multisporters 820+60=880 11
Power Mixed William Power, Sarah Power Wgtn orienteers 760+90-10=840 12
Eames Mixed Sophie Eames, Erik Andersen, Jon Eames Hawkes Bay orienteers 760-10+85=835 13
Hills Mixed Warwick Hill, Katie Hill Wgtn orienteers 730+70=800 14
Old & Crazy Mixed Graeme Silcock, Sue Eastwood LH MTBers 710+80=790 15
Crane Open Andrew Crane, Ashley Crane LH 740+50-10=780 16
Klap Mixed Arthur Klap, Ben Mckenzie, Danielle McKenzie Wgtn 690+70-10=750 17
Team Thompson Mixed Allan Thompson, Rosemary Thompson LH orienteers 690+75-20=745 18
Wilson Women Janet Wilson, Yvette Cottam Manawatu orienteers 640+80-10=710 19, 1st Women
Gleeson Open Matt Gleeson, David Desmond Wgtn 620+70=690 20
Farrant College Tim Farrant, Daniel Edmonds Chch/Wgtn orienteers 600-30+85-20=635 21, 1st Coll
D Squad College Daniel Barnfield, Kate Rea Chch/LH orienteers 630+95-95=630 22
JK Team Mixed Julia Fraser, Ken Fraser Wgtn orienteers 530+65-10=585 23
The Pres Open James Scott, Duncan McDonald LH orienteers 490+75=565 24
Scott Open Dave Scott, Craig McIntyre Manawatu orienteers 460+50-10=500 25
Adams Open Greg Adams, Brent Nijssen, Phillip Nicholls Chch 550-130+75=495 26
Beca Cruisers Mixed Gavin Scott, Lynda Lyons UH orienteers 410-10+55=455 27
G AND S Mixed Gordon Leary, Sheelagh Leary UH ex-orienteers 360-40+35=355 28
Women of Capital Stamina Women Claire Sherrington, Alex Drent, Helen Maddox Wgtn 250+25-10=265 29

Three-Hour Category

Team Category Members Affiliation
Foster Open Andy Foster, Greg Thurlow Wgtn endurance runners 490+80=570 1, 1st Men
Van Worsley Open Bruce Worsley, Tony van Dyk HV orienteers 310-70+70=310 2
Abbo & Morry Open Paul Abbott, Alistair Morrison Wgtn trampers 240+65-10=295 3
Ellis Mixed Chaucey Ellis, Michael Ellis LH orienteers 210+60=270 4
Flying Takahe Mixed Jenny Visser, Mike Fee, Chris Visser-Fee Wgtn MTBers 220+50=270 5
Generation Gap Mixed Shane Ross, Peter Ross, Sue Ross, Jill Ross, Angus Ross (16mo), Samuel Hassan UH rogainers 210+65-10=265 6
Williams Mixed Daphne Williams, Rob de Bique, Shinead Williams, Fyfe Williams LH 230+75-50=255 7
Van B Mixed Pat van Berkel, Karen Finch UH orienteers 240+0=240 8
Ranger Mixed Nicole Ranger, Tony Sudfeldt UH 170+65=235 9
Gijsbers Mixed John Gijsbers, two juniors LH 200+35=235 10
Edmonds Mixed Kathryn Edmonds, David Edmonds, Jack Edmonds Wgtn orienteers 200-10+40=230 11
Ford Mixed Jill Ford, Bill Brierley, Odette F-B Wgtn MTBers 170+50=220 12
Team Angliss Mixed Debbie Angliss, Claire Angliss, and Grandma LH 180-20+55-40=175 13
Tha Falcons Open Gordon McDonald and young McDonald LH 170+40-20=190 14
McDouall Mixed Andrew McDouall, Molly McDouall, Alice McDouall Wgtn orienteers 190-10+0=180 15
Cummack Mixed Paul Cummack, Emma Cummack, Thomas Cummack Wgtn orienteers 190-10+0=180 16
The Lost Two Open Sa6m Frickleton, Mark Frickleton LH 130+55=185 17
Spence Mixed Greg Spence, Tanya Spence, Amy Spence, Matthew Spence UH multisporter 150+35-10=175 18
Rexplorers Mixed Barbara Nicholls, Rex Hayes, Nina Fischer LH 140+35-10=165 19
Team Cooper Mixed Nick Cooper, Joanne Dodd Wgtn 130+45-10=165 20
Porter Women Lynette Porter, Glenda Porter UH orienteers 130-40+35=125 21, 1st Women
Turner Women Poh Choo Turner, Lauren Turner Wgtn 120+65-65=120 22
Greens Open Paul Bruce, Brent Efford Greens candidates 100+35-10=125 23
Ramsden College Georgia Ramsden, Petra Allen, Lena Aziz, Tessa Ramsden Wanganui orienteers 250-230+70=90 24, 1st College
Joy's Teams Mixed Joy Lewis, Heather Lewis, Danny Gisber, Mealin Paulin LH 50+30=80 25
McCarty Mixed Andrea McCarty, Hamish McLennan, Jack McLennan Petone 120-150+15-10=5 26
Latte Sippers (or maybe Little Slippers...) Mixed Mike Sheridan, Lynne Plimmer LH rogainers 510-overtime+55-10=0 27


Course planner Michael Wood. On-the-day help by Nick Rea, Bruce Henderson, Kathy Farquhar (Auck), Carol Ramsden (Wanganui). Transport provided free by Cityline Hutt Valley and Tranz Metro. Publications and publicity by Peter Bakos and Bruce Worsley, with valued help from Hutt City and Greater Wellington (the regional council).

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