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Multi-Sprint 21 May 17.

Three sprint courses about 2km with 15 controls each, distance between 4km. See the OHV download page for the maps. Course planner participants 20. Michael reports...

A successful experiment with enough travelling between sprints to test the concept. (There was more delay with people arriving at sprint A than with transitioning to B and C! It may be just as hard to minimise waiting time by the fast ones as it is to handle slower participants, who can just be given a course closure time.) The distance between was about 4km and people did it in 20-30min.

The 3 sprint areas were good (and I can say they were even better at night when I put out the markers!) Sport Ident boxes at the start and finish of each stage handled the timing easily, and were moved from sprint to sprint; the rest of the controls survived some boisterous weather for nearly 24hrs, except for the one by the big tire on the beach. One person readily supervised the travelling circus and had time for chat. I would envisage several people planning one course each next time.

Asterisks below indicate a couple of hiccups but they were unusual and don't represent anything basic.

  Name A Percy Cameron B Melling Bridge C Hikoikoi Res Total
  Class X
(Run between sprints)
  Nic Gorman 15:39 13:41 14:59 44:19
  Ellie Molloy 15:37 14:39 15:43 45:59
  Class Y
(Ride between sprints)
  Rob Collier 15:07 12:46 13:14 41:07
  Nicole Ranger 17:00* 15:05 16:34 48:39
  Gavin Scott 23:45 22:36 35:34* 81:55
  Julia Fraser DNF 32:00 DNF  
  Class Z
(Drive between sprints)
  Bruce Henderson 27:55 25:22 26:40 79:57
  Barbara Bridger 58:59 36:23 41:47 137:09
  Class N
(Participate in 1 or 2)
  Casper Harmer   15:36 14:51  
  Don Locke 25:29 20:30 DNF*  
  Zac Ashley 18:20      
  Ali Power     27:30  
  Sarah Underwood     36:05  
  Matthew and William Power     40:53  
  Wills Family (5)   42:09    

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