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Mt Victoria 6 Oct 2013

Course planner and Simon Kennett. Access by kind permission of Wellington City Council. Participants 28

John writes...


Course 1 (Course 3 followed by Course 2)
Open Men

  1. Liam Drew 1:12:20
  2. Jamie Stewart 1:18:07
  3. Dean Ford 1:19:06
  4. Colin Slater 1:30:54
  5. Greg Thurlow 1:35:16
  6. Pat Hogan 1:58:27
Course 2
Junior Men
  1. Simon Teesdale 1:12:10
  2. Michael Rudge 1:17:57
  3. Matthew Turner 1:21:42

Junior Men
  1. Rachel Baker 1:37:56
Open Women
  1. Rachel Drew 56:55
Vet Men
  1. David King 49:34
  2. Ant Bradshaw 49:47
  3. Dave Rudge 1:02:22
  4. Glen Warner 1:02:48
  5. Rob Molloy (Run) 1:07:52
  6. Mike Fee 1:07:57
  7. Barnaby Arnott 1:08:44
  8. Jon Shutt 1:08:44
  9. Jim Sutherland 1:14:47
  10. Michael Wood 1:19:42 (Mappers penalty served as mechanical assistance)
  11. Kevin Oakins 1:35:10
  12. Howard Symmes 1:42:53
  13. Stephen Franks DNF
Vet Women
  1. Jo Holden 1:03:58
  2. Jenny Visser 1:17:12
  3. Jenny Cassie 1:23:52
  4. Ket Bradshaw 1:25:52

Cannon Point, 8 Sep 2013

Course planner and Ian McCabe. Helped on the day by a number of control collectors. Access by kind permission of Greater Wellington Regional Council and Upper Hutt City Council. Participants 37.

Graeme writes...
Great to have an event in the sun for a change – first of the 6 MTBO’s this year that it hasn’t rained. The full course was about 20 minutes longer than I intended so apologies to anyone who found it too much. From discussions I had with people about their routes it appears that there were nearly as many routes used there were competitors.

We thought we may get one or two using the steep and slippery track towards the north end of the map but it appears that about 10 used it, mostly coming down but a few pushed and carried their bikes up it. Even more went up the new track we have opened up at the south end of the map. I understand they generally found it tough, especially the skidder track between the lower control and the hauler platform. Note the track grading is done based on how rideable it would be if it were flat, as the map maker does not know if you will be going up or down it. It is necessary to study the contours to gauge its steepness. (ie that track is shown as “rough/overgrown, very slow riding” which it would be if it was flat, it’s easily rideable down although slow, but difficult to ride up due to a combination of its surface and its steepness).

The controls on the flat were also got by a number of different routes but the choices there were generally more subtle. Often a choice between shorter slower speed single track or faster slightly longer roads. We didn’t try to hide the controls but did try to put them in places where they could be missed if you weren’t looking for them on the specific section of track, and we appear to have caused a few to ride past and have to go back.

In the afternoon we had a shorter course around the streets and parks for novices – about 5km total. Martin took his 4 year old daughter Caitlin out thinking she would get bored after 3 or 4 controls but she insisted on doing the whole 9 controls and I think Martin, who was walking, returned more tired than Caitlin.

The series winners for a number of sections are now determined but there are still three contenders in both the vet men and vet women classes and it appears just completing the course could gain you a share of the junior men’s title.

Thanks for those who collected in the controls and to Gordon for driving them to the top of the hill so they could all be collected by riding downhill. Thanks for all coming along. We look forward to seeing you at Mount Victoria next month.


Course 1, collect specified 18 controls in any order
Open Men

  1. Liam Drew 2:12:09
  2. Jeff Blaylock 3:23:50
  3. Dean Ford 2:09:34 DNF Could not find 13
  4. Dan Addington 2:35:05 DNF Hill controls only
  5. Bill Veale 2:35:05 DNF Hill controls only
Open Women
  1. Rachel Drew 2:18:44
  2. Katie Armstrong 3:44:05
Vet Men
  1. Ant Bradshaw 2:05:36
  2. David King 2:22:12
  3. Nick Collins 2:39:40
  4. Dave Rudge 2:42:10
  5. Dirk Naish 2:46:48
  6. Rob Miller 2:56:54
  7. Jim Sutherland 3:02:02
  8. Michael Wood 2:50:15 +17:01M =3:07:01
  9. Steve Meeres 3:11:28
  10. Paul Bird 3:15:43
  11. Andrew Duncan 3:18:28
  12. Gordon Macdonald 3:27:27
Vet Women
  1. Jo Holden 3:09:54
  2. Ket Bradshaw 3:18:52
  3. Amy Bardsley 3:44:05
  4. Clare Szirunyi 3:44:05
Course 2 collect specified 9 controls in any order
  1. Paul Teesdale-Spittle 1:26:30
  2. Michael Rudge 1:27:47
  3. Jenny Cassie 1:27:47
  4. Sarah Underwood 2:07:50
Course 3 collect another set of 9 controls in any order
  1. Susanne Govella 0:29:00
  2. Maia Gasson 0:41:25
  3. Rohan 0:43:50
  4. Eli 0:43:50
  5. Alan Teesdale 0:46:10
  6. Katelin Gribble 1:19:10
  7. Possibly 4Xcoach here for the stats

Mt Albert and Island Bay, 11 Aug 2013

Course planner and Mike Fee. Helped on the day by Ket Bradshaw. Access by kind permission of Wellington City Council and Tapu Te Ranga Marae. Participants 41.

Jenny writes...


Course 1
Open Men

  1. Liam Drew 130:18
  2. Dean Ford 145:00
  3. Steven Coppard 184:05
  4. Simon Kennett DNF
Rec and Groups
  1. Heather Kirkham and Dan Pringle 190:00
  2. Chris and Hugh McGuire DNF
Course 2
Open Women
  1. Rachel Drew 108:30
Vet Women
  1. Jenny Cassie 163:04
Vet Men
  1. David King 104:40
  2. Graeme Silcock 106:57
  3. Ant Bradshaw 110:10
  4. Jim Sutherland 134:39
  5. Nick Engleback 136:50
  6. Rob Miller 138:45
  7. Paul Abbott 139:00
  8. Michael Wood 132:20 +13:14M =145:34
  9. Rob Molloy 146:25
  10. John Unwin 157:00
  11. Paul Clarke 180:15
  12. Dave Rudge DNF
  13. William Power DNF
  14. Marco Renalli DNF
Junior Women
  1. Rachel Baker 145:47
  2. Ellie Molloy 151:21
  3. Lara Molloy 182:09
Junior Men
  1. Simon Teesdale 133:30
  2. Michael Rudge DNF
  3. Stewart Engleback DNF
Rec and Groups
  1. Mel and Stan Bull (Men) DNF
  2. Matt & Chris Stark (Men) DNF
  3. St Caths (WVet Gp) DNF
  4. Amy Bardsley et al (WJnr Gp) DNF
Course 3
  1. Sarah Underwood 74:00
  2. Alan Teesdale plus coach 109:00

Makara Peak and Karori Park 14 Jul 2013

Course planner Rob Miller and Mathew Lynch (college). Helped on the day by Richard Lynch (dad). Access by kind permission of Wellington City Council, including the cosy upstairs room of the cafe. Participants 18

Rob writes...
Makara Peak MTBO Sunday 14 July 2013 will be remembered as the day for the mountain biking brave or foolhardy. 18 hardy souls ventured up the mountain on their bikes during the afternoon in wind speeds gusting up to something approaching the Wahine type storm of a few weeks earlier. The wind sounded like a jet engine around the Makara radio tower; control flags on the top ridge were wrapped around the stakes in a thousand unravelleable knots; one considerate rider squashed a poorly restrained control flag squarely over the top of a fence post to secure it from disppearing into Kapiti Island. Riders used to labouring up the road towards the top of the mountain in first gear were blown up without peddling in places. Few could stay on their bikes. Geoff Lanmark peared into the mezzaine room at the Karori Park Cafe which was used as the event centre half way through complaining that his clip card had fragmented into pieces and all he was left with was a thumb sized remnant. Could he continue?? Yes we said - back into the storm... He wasnt the only one... Few cards were readible at the end but who cared? Everyone finished safe and sound.. most with smiles on their faces.

I shortened the the intermediate event to keep less experienced riders off the exposed places but left course 1 as is - a score event linking Makara MB Park and Karori Park. There were at least three likely routes - clockwise starting at the car park entrance to MP; anti clockwise starting in KP or some where through the middle. Liam Drew one the Open Mens with maximum points and finishing within 2 minutes of the penalty free time limit of 2 hours. Well done Liam - a great effort in the conditions. Also to Rachael Drew who won the Open Womens course missing only a few controls. In the Junior Men's course congratulations to 12 year old Dan Winsley who happily entered and won his event; great effort Dan and we loved your can do attitiude. Same goes to Rachael Baker who having ridden the Dash fo Cash ride in the morning turned up for this event in the afternoon and got all controls in course 2.

The biggest competition was in the vet mens where Jerome Sheppard and Dave Rudge fought it out for top place. Both got the same score with Jerome narrowly winning by a few seconds. In the Vet womens, Jenny Visser took out first place over Ket Bradshaw and Jo Holden. And a welcome to Stephen Franks as a new member who turned up for his first ever Orienteering event and comfortably rode around Course 2, avec hounds.

I was ably helped by Matt Lynch, a junior men's rider from Onslow College in the course planning. Thanks Matt. Thanks also to Richard, Matt's dad who helped on the day. Can't forget the Karori Park Sports Club ( Andy Foster) who offered their upstairs premises in the for us to do the registrations, results and prize giving on a thoroughly miserable day.

This raises the question of whether we should keep back up days to substitute for the inevitable bad weather days which happen in Wellington Winters?


Course 1: 2-hour score event for OM OW VM VW

  1. Liam Drew OM 1320 (time 113:48)
  2. Andrew McLellan OM 1240 (108:30)
  3. Dave Rudge VM 1210 (115:03)
  4. Jerome Sheppard VM 1210 (115:04)
  5. Rachel Drew OW 1190 (118:00)
  6. Graeme Silcock VM 1190 -10L =1180 (120:37)
  7. Jim Sutherland VM 950 (109:18)
  8. Mike Fee VM 940 (106:45)
  9. Jenny Visser VW 940 (106:45)
  10. Ket Bradshaw VW 840 (119:00)
  11. Glen Warner VM 830 (113:24)
  12. Jo Holden VW 830 (113:24)
  13. Geoffroy Lamarche VM 800 (100:50)
  14. Michael Wood VM 750 (113:04)
  15. Ant Bradshaw VM 710 (96:15)
Course 2: 1-hour score event for JM JW, without the furthest controls
  1. Rachel Baker JW 430 (58:04)
  2. Stephen Franks VM 310 -10L? =300 (67:00)
  3. Dan Winsley JM 200 -30L =170 (63:30)
Course 3: Around Karori Park
  • The weather was not exactly encouraging

Intermediate Event and Series/1
Wainui Trail Park 16 June 2013

Course planner Martin Gribble (first time) with Ket Bradshaw. Helped on the day by two little Gribbles and Michael Wood. Access by kind permission of Hutt City Council with the blessing of the Wainui Trail Project, the people who make the tracks! Participants 36

Ket writes...


Course 1: 3km gentle

  • Sophie McKendry and Father not timed
  • Annabel McKendry and Aunt not timed
Course 2: 7.5km up to the top
  1. David Winsley DNF injured
  2. Paul Clarke DNF injured
Course 3: 10km C1 and C2 together. This course counted for series points for all classes. Classes have been guessed.
  1. Liam Drew OM 00:58:22
  2. Andrew McLellan OM 01:10:31
  3. Ant Bradshaw VM 01:11:37
  4. Dave Rudge VM 01:12:58
  5. Graeme Silcock VM 01:14:00
  6. Rachel Drew OW 01:15:19
  7. Glen Warner VM 01:27:28
  8. Jo Holden VW 01:29:35
  9. Mary McBride VW 01:30:35
  10. Tom Bowen OM 01:31:24
  11. Mike Fee VM 01:32:34
  12. Michael Wood VM 01:26:15 +10% Mapper =01:34:51
  13. Nicole Ranger OW 01:45:16
  14. Bruce Morrison VM 01:49:05
  15. Andrew Kerr, Jason Hooper Team 02:25:37
  16. Lisa Phelan, Paul Chaplow, Kethor Gati, Bron Kelly Team 02:34:14
  17. Raymond Morgan, Kirsten, Jo Boyle, Karl Shaffer, Gareth
  18. Johnston Team 02:59:19
  19. Heidi Cheeseman, James Cheeseman Team not timed
  20. Katy Mastoe, Angela Camford Team DNF
  21. Dean Ford OM Missed 19 and 20 (01:09:16)

B-Max #2
Moonshine 19 May 2013

Course planner Sam Middleton, helped on the day by Rachel Middleton, Ket Bradshaw and Michael Wood. Access by kind permission of GWRC, Upper Hutt CC, Fergusson Intermediate and Upper Hutt College. Participants 22

Michael writes...
Another rainy day, perhaps we are being punished for our glorious summer! However it wasn't enough to keep 22 people away including lots of first-timers. And the amazing thing: everyone on the "taster" Course 1 went on to Course 2, even the little ones. Some of the bigger people did the two courses end to end.

Sam Middleton planned the courses from the riverbank near the Moonshine Bridge, taking riders through riverbank tracks, the remnant lowland bush in Trentham Memorial Park, and two schools with a tricky maze of buildings. He wasn't there on the day, he was with his Onslow College team practising for the Get2Go contest in a couple of months. Thanks to his mum Rachel for helping out.

Full marks to everyone especially those who came to both B-Max events - next time there might the odd hill!


We were fairly casual about timing and collecting cards, so we have made some guesses in these results.

Course 1: 1.7km untimed

  • Power family (4)
  • James Cheesman
  • Heidi Cheesman +1
  • Luke Mackle
  • Rogier and Anlette
  • Eva and Ruby
  • Magnus Ahman
Course 2: 3.5, 5 or 6.5km
  1. Sarah Underwood 53-00
  2. James Cheesman 79-00
  3. Heidi Cheesman +1 98-00
  4. Luke Mackle, 3.5km shortcut
  5. Rogier and Anlette time not recorded
  6. Eva and Ruby time not recorded
  7. Magnus Ahman time not recorded
Course 3: 8km (C1 and C2 end to end)
  1. Keith Wild 55-00
  2. Raymond Morgan, Jo Boyle, Karen Broehstra (sp?) 74-00
  3. Morag McConville, Angela Campbell, Andrew Kerr, Jason Jamison 76-33
  4. Ellie and Bruce Morrison, 83-30

B-Max #1
Alicetown 21 Apr 2013

Course planner Mathew Turner, helped on the day by PC Turner and Michael Wood. Access by kind permission of GWRC and Hutt CC. Participants 16

Michael writes...
A rainy day kept many away but 16 keen bikers turned out to the first B-Max event on the Hutt riverbank at Alicetown. Formerly called "Brownie MTBO" these events have a short intro almost within sight of the start, and a longer course between two of the bridges and in amongst the little tracks on the riverbanks. Suitable for beginners and also experienced MTB-orienteers who want to practice quick thinking.

Mathew Turner planned the courses from the end of Wakefield St in Alicetown, with the longer course covering both sides of the river between the railway bridge and Ewen Bridge, plus the tiny streets in Alicetown. There was also an extension to Jackson St for those who wanted a little more.

Full marks to everyone who braved the weather - you are all winners!


Course 1: 1.2km untimed
  • Alex Ravens and Neil Chester, plus dad
  • Kieran Edwards
  • Oliver Edwards
  • Larissa Edwards and mum
  • James Cheesman and dad
  • Sophie McKendry and mum
  • Bruce Morrison
  • Sarah Underwood
  • Rachel Drew
Course 2: 4 or 6km
  1. Rachel Drew 29-20
  2. Sherlock and Liam Drew 33-08
  3. Bruce Morrison 39-08
  4. Neil Chester 54-20
  5. Alex Ravens and dad 56-00
  6. Sarah Underwood 60-00
  7. James Cheesman and dad 64-00
  8. Sophie McKendry and mum 68-00
  9. Kieran Edwards time not recorded
  10. Oliver Edwards time not recorded
  11. Larissa and Susan Edwards shortcut

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