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Sprint Adventure Race Chapter One 17 Jun 18

A 10km MTB course on the riverbank between Ewen Bridge and Kennedy-Good Bridge; with 4 X 1km foot sprints along the way. Conceived as a team event. See the OHV download page or the lessons page for the maps. Course planner participants 63.

Michael reports...

A combination of the multi-sprint in 2017, and beginner MTBO events on the riverbank. Aimed at teams and attracted SS kids incl Onslow Get2Go trainees. A good fit to this long, thin area which is forever changing. Bike the bits with not much detail, hop off and sprint the bits with detail eg schools, traditional parks. Should also appeal to those heading to the new-format Sprint WOC where you do several sub-sprints in a day.

Download Results...

See also the course planner's analysis of Attackpoints (bike only), and route choice (all sections). You'll find links to the maps there too.

Multi-Short Catchpool Valley 4 Feb 18

Three short sprint-length courses about 1.5km with 13-15 controls each, but bush so slower speeds expected. Distance apart between 1.5km and 750m. See the OHV download page for the maps. Course planner participants 25.

Michael reports...

A development of the 2017 Multi-Sprint, this time in 3 small 0.2sq.km areas cherry-picked from the Catchpool map, and remapped with greater detail and 2.5m contours. Distances between were less, though we could have got more people doing all 3 by suggesting car travel between A nd B (1.5km there and 1.5km back:-))

Leg difficulty varied from sprint level (hedge-maze type legs or good bush track) to red (point features in low-vis passable native understory). So the term "sprint" (=high speed) was avoided in favour of "short". A top competitor could possibly do the 3 shorts in 10min each plus say 30min for 4.5km of linking sections.

I thought the courses would be technically challenging but will wait for consumer feedback on that. And also how beginner groups found tackling the one they did. It didn't pretend to be easy, but was nowhere further than 250m from base.

Timing with SI boxes at the start and finish of each course should have been straightforward, but a couple of people avoided the clear process, and a couple of SI boxes misbehaved on course C. Still, with the splits printer human intelligence can be applied and we have enough results to be interesting. Let us know about any misinterpretation, it could be quite easy to add the transition time into the course time for example. And you may have some info to make up for the misbehaving boxes.

  Name Map A Gateway Map B Carpark Map C Graces Strm Total AB Total BC Total ABC
  Andrew de Lisle 19:40 18:07 unkn     94:14
  Nic Gorman 19:55 18:41 unkn     97:42
  Rob Collier 18:30 18:54 unkn     97:51
  Stuart Engleback 18:39 16:25 27:26     100:24
  John Robertson 15:48 14:53 25:21     106:02
  Simon Rea Unkn 26:06 44:24     132:48
  Brian Hallinan 28:06 26:01 Unkn     146:11
  Sarah Holt 25:43 22:16 Unkn     Unkn
  George Engleback Unkn Unkn Unkn     Unkn
  Bill Trompetter 22:04 26:05   66:21    
  Lachlan Mckenzie 23:44 26:07   74:12    
  Charmaine Tate 31:43 20:59   75:41    
  Paul Teesdale-Spittle 25:41 25:00   95:52    
  Alan Teesdale-Spittle 29:15 32:05   101:07    
  Cameron de Lisle Unkn Unkn DNF Unkn    
  Anna Engleback Unkn Unkn   Unkn    
  William Power   17:56 30:47   66:23  
  Scott fam: Lyra, Kester, Fenella, Michael, Gavin   60:40        
  Barbara Bridger   61:42        
  Maia and Lilly Trompetter   63:50        

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