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Wellington 2012 Afterwork Rogaine Series Results

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    Miramar, 8 Nov 12

    Course Planner

    Time 3 or 2 hrs. 20% Dark. 114 participants.

    The course planner writes...
    Hey! A record for a Welly afterwork rogaine! Thanks HVS for making it happen!

    Lateness, solo deductions made (I think)

    Houghton Valley School - 2hrs

    1. Awesome Insects: Ross, Kate Pritchard, Ela, Mark Bradford 500
    2. Houghton Hobos: Rosa, Alba Maltin 460
    3. Green Monkeys: Betty, Beck, James, Molly 460
    4. Hooting Houghton’s: Nga Raiti, Riana, Emily, Caulton 370
    5. The Clarks: Alex, Sarah, Hannah, Erin 350
    6. The Cussins: Satish, Richard,Ryder, Ravi 340
    7. The Dutch: Stephen, Jelle 330
    8. Fyfes: James, Fraser, Daniel, Paul 310
    9. The Secret Students: Stevie, Phil, Mati, Paul Abbots 290
    10. The Awesomes: Maeve, Isabel, Greg and ? 280
    11. Ninja Cats: Oliver,Elsa,Rich 240
    12. The Wookie Shampooed Bananas: Stephen, Nathan, Jordie,Flynn 240
    All-Comers - Walk
    1. Kim & Hamish: Kim Murray Hamish Farrar 440/2hrs
    2. Last One Standing: Richard Arnold, Raewyn Moss, Lisa Tinlley 380/2hrs
    3. Broosinetti: Bruce Worsley, Lynette Porter 350/2hrs
    4. Kath Haines, Andy Roxburgh, Dan, Claire Houlihan, Bill 430/3hrs
    All-Comers - 2hrs - Run
    1. Fast Fitzy + Big Venus: Vicki Connor, Adele Fitzpatrick 590
    2. Rebecca and Fraser Jeromson 460
    3. Stephen & ? 430
    4. Mitchell Family Nicola, Ben, Sam 400
    All-Comers - 3hrs - Run
    1. DeanePaul: Dean Ford, Paul Bird 1510
    2. Bill Edwards 1450
    3. Lighting Speed Robots: Kelvin Thiele, Richard Persson 1360
    4. Centurions: Mark Hearfield, Nick Lowe 1230
    5. Scott & Vincent: Scott Taylor, Vincent Z 1200
    6. Midgets with mullets: Greg Dobson, Cameron McKaye, Ross Woodley, Rob Brier 1130
    7. Ramash Swamy 1170
    8. Czech pointers: Julie Gordon, Michael Wood 1060
    9. Wanderers: Stuart& Nick Engleback, Georgina Workman 1000
    10. Tom, AJ 930
    11. Sue Eastwood, Graeme Silcock 910
    12. Ian Tulloch, Sarah Bailey 900
    13. Jokens: Ann Kendon, Jo McKenzie 880
    14. Awesome foursome: Muriel Seeley, Scott,Sarah 870
    15. Scott Miller, Shula Webb 870
    16. Flying Takahes: Jenny Visser, Mike Fee, Chris Visser-Fee 790
    17. LDB: Laurie& Dianne Gallagher, Ian Bunckenburg 720
    18. Mary McBride, Jackie O’Hagan 670
    19. Joke & Andrea: Joke Meerkens & Andrea Wiechern 660
    20. Wgtn Coll Get2Go: George Engleback, Liam Stevens 470
    21. Llama Flying Pig monkeys: Zoe, Mike 410
    22. Aotearoa Eel Preservation Society: Jo Holden, Healther Kirkham, Dan Pringle Not recorded
    23. A Adams Not recorded

    Catchpool 6hr, 28 Oct 12

    Course Planners and Mike Sherwin.

    Time 6 hrs. Daylight event in Rimutaka Forest Park. 75 participants.

    The course planners write...
    While this was a special event on the Shoestring Rogaine calendar, we were still very impressed with the turnout. Starting in moderate drizzle, 30 teams lined up at the start line with only a handful of the pre-registered teams failing to show.

    The conditions improved throughout the day, but Catchpool was very wet underfoot. The eastern side of Baker's Track was easily the wettest part of the course; bordering on dangerous for any teams dropping down from Cattle Ridge, the track would have been close to unpassable for anyone trying to head up from the river.

    With such a long climb to the top of McKerrow, we needed to make it worthwhile for teams to head to the summit. And it's fair to say the 150 point control on the track west of McKerrow attracted the masses. We had a few issues finding this track initially, so it was surprising to see so many teams finding the ribbon aptly named 'Elusive Track'. It was pleasing to see every control on the course visited. And even more pleasing was the fact that no control was called into question.

    The Usual Suspects were clearly ahead of the other teams, although we had ten teams score 1000 points or more. Congratulations to Debbie, Glenn and Steve and hats off to their route choice between controls 71 and 51 - a 100m descent through gorse and bush from the milled forestry area to Butcher's Track.

    Results (updated 5 Nov)
    M = Mapper
    L = Late (10 points / min).

    1. The Usual Suspects: Debbie Mansfield Glen Warner Steve Wagner 1370
    2. Colin & Jerome: Colin Slater Jerome Sheppard 1250
    3. Poohtours: Jo McKenzie Andrew McLellan 1240
    4. Lightning Speed Robots: Kelvin Thiele Mike Pratt 1190
    5. Time for a Cuppa: Harriette Carr Phil Kendon Stuart Palmer 1180
    6. Centurions: Mark Hearfield Andy Foster Nick Lowe 1170
    7. Nicole & Matt: Nicole Ranger Matt Davies 1160
    8. Jo, Mary and Ali: Jo Holden plus two 1100
    9. Comeback? Mike Sheridan Philippa LeCouteur 1040
    10. Flannery: Matt Flannery James Flannery 1040
    11. Pants off Dance off: Fanny Toorenburg Lisa Phelan 1070 -30L =1040
    12. Flying Kakapos: Jenny Cossey Jenny Visser Mike Fee 1000
    13. Revolve: Leonie Waayer Adele 970
    14. WGC Senior Adventure Racing: Ellie Molloy Islay Dickie 970
    15. Where's Wal? Katherine Allan Allister Adams Gray Patterson 960
    16. Rebekah & Frazer: Rebekah Jeromson Frazer Jeromson 960 -40L =920
    17. Rob Molloy 860
    18. Paul & Jim: Paul Abbott Jim Jones 850
    19. L&B: Laurie Gallagher Ian Bunckenburg 830
    20. Optimistic Navigators: Charmaine White Marc Heatley Dave Roberts Laura Roberts 820
    21. Wellington College/Girls College Get2Go: George Engleback Liam Stevens, James Collins, Michael Rudge, Alice Fisher, Lara Molloy, Imogen Ineson, Tess Meyer 810
    22. Sue & Graeme: Graeme Silcock Sue Eastwood 750 -10L =740
    23. Team LMTD: Gerald Crawford Steve Milgate 710
    24. Hunter, Hunted: Tom Bowen Amy-Jane Millward Rees Ward Mike Ball 690
    25. Simon and Jeff Simon Rea Jeff Williams 620 -62M =558
    26. Gray Walker: Sarah Gray Lisa Walker 450
    27. Bimbling Boys: Sam Middleton David Middleton 380
    28. Anna and Beverley: Anna Engleback Beverley Holder 360
    29. Manu: Manuela Rothe Luke-Marten No score card
    30. Bananas: Lindsay Turner Becky Moffett No score card

    Crofton Downs and More, 3 Oct 12

    Course Planners and Liam Drew.

    Time 3 hrs. 45% dark. A nice clear evening, bit of a breeze up on top, dry underfoot. 82 participants.

    The course planners write...
    STOP PRESS Baseplate compass without string left behind, contact Rachel or Liam, link above.

    Pretty good weather and the start of daylight savings saw a great turnout at last nights rogaine. We had 53 pre-entries, printed 80 maps and control sheets, and ran out by the time the last 2 registered. Fortunately with a bit of shuffling everyone managed to get out for a run.

    There was a mix of on road and off road without too much bush bashing though those that took the track down onto Old Porirua Rd found that it was quite steep! Both the highest scoring teams were late back so lost some of their points. Congrats to Bill and Yvette who limped in (well Bill did) for the win.

    We made a mistake in transcribing control clues and the colour of the swing was associated with the wrong control. Apologies to all those that went there. Fortunately the one we had mixed it up with was only visited by 1 team so not so much issue there.

    It sounded like most people had fun out there, as all the controls (bar 1) are fixed points we can make the control sheet and map available if anyone wants to head out for a run sometime…

    Rach, Liam and Sherlock



      None today!

    S = Solo.
    L = Late (10 points / min).

    1. Bill Edwards, Yvette Baker 950 -40L =910
    2. Lightning Speed Robots (Kelvin Thiele, Richard Persson) 960 -100L =860
    3. Midgets with Mullets (Greg Dobson, Grant Hector, Ross Woodley, Cameron McKay) 840
    4. Nick Engleback, Jo Holden 810
    5. Mark Hearfield, Nick Lowe 810
    6. High Voltage (Mike Dalzell, Mike Phethean, Simon Bell) 810 -30L =780
    7. Wadestown Wogainers (Mark Hooker, Nick Clendon) 830 -60L =770
    8. The Pooh Tours (Jo MacKensie, Andrew McLellan) 750
    9. Dean Ford, John Yu 740
    10. The Czech Pointers (Julie Gordon, Michael Wood) 730
    11. Jenny Rudge, Kevin 710
    12. Nick Goodall, Darren Gordon, Paul Abbott 710
    13. Dick Dinsdale, Mary McBride, AJ Millward 690
    14. Sherman Smith, Eric VanEindehoven 730 -40L =690
    15. Stewart Beresford, Shawn 670
    16. Dave Rudge, Colin Slater 660
    17. Lost again (Jason Brown, Gilbert Robertson) 640
    18. Time for a cuppa (Harriet Carr, Stewart Palmer) 760 -120L =640
    19. The Bog Trotters (Ian Atkinson, Aiden O’Boyle) 590
    20. Nathan Gilling, Lori 620 -40L =580
    21. Piret Klade 640 -64S =576
    22. Sue Eastwood, Graeme Silcock 550
    23. Alistair, Hayden 540
    24. Simon Rea 590 -59S =531
    25. MB’s (Muriel Seeley, Lorraine Johns, Sarah Fergusson) 530
    26. Ngaio Navigators (Nicola Mitchell, Paula Pope, Val Spacer) 520
    27. Wgtn College team 1 (George Engleback, Liam Stevens) 490
    28. Simon, Stewart 460
    29. Matthew Lynch, Sam Middleton 450
    30. Dave & Keryn Sharpe 430
    31. The Crudz (Rob & Martin McCrudden) 380
    32. Bernice, Nadine 350
    33. Wellington College Girls 3 290
    34. Alan Teesdale and Paul Teesdale-Spittle (2h) 220
    35. Wgtn College 2 (Nicole Kenedy Alice Fisher and Jono Beresford) 220
    36. No answers team 1
    37. No answers team 2
    38. No answers team 3

    Spicer Forest and Steeets, 3 September 12

    Course Planner Iain Atkinson & Ian Harisson

    Time 3 hrs. 100% dark. A damp calm night with the rain stopping in the first hour. 52 people.

    Thanks to The Roundabout we were able to make use of the pub premises to get organized and leave gear during the event.

    The event was a mix of urban and Spicer forest. There was more urban than originally planned due to the closure of Spicer forest for the construction of a road into Mill Creek wind farm. Through WCC we arranged permission from Meridian to use a good portion of the forest. We also arranged permission to run through land adjoining Mexted reserve.

    It was a close fought result at the top of the field, with the Lightning Speed Robots taking the top spot despite a 7 minute time penalty. There was some problem finding some of the markers. No one found 76, so it was awarded to all those who claimed it.

    It was great to see the school teams enjoy a 2 hour competition. Also good to see some of the parents form their own teams and have a go.



      None today!

    S = Solo.
    L = Late (10 points / min).

    3 Hour event

    1. Lightning Speed Robots. Kevin Thiele, Richard Persson. 1530 – 70L = 1460
    2. High Voltage. Mike Dalzell, Mike Phethean. 1440
    3. Centurions. Andy Foster, Mark Hearfiled, Nick Lowe. 1390
    4. Honey Badgers. Robin Cameron-Jones, James Fraser. 1110
    5. Nathan Gilling. 1100 – 110S = 990
    6. MB’s. Muriel Seeley, Rhys Howard, Sarah Ferguson. 970
    7. Laurie & Buncks. 920
    8. Nick Goodall, Darryn Gordon. 820
    9. JoKens. Ann Kendon, Jo McKenzie. 810
    10. Eager Beavers. Charmaine White, Laura Roberts. 800
    11. Matt Allen & Shane Caske 820 – 40L = 780
    12. Jo Holden, Nick Engelback, Siobahn Quayle. 720 – 10L = 710
    13. TT2. Rob Vanderpoel. 780 – 78S = 702
    14. Ngaio Navigators. Nicola Mitchell, Val Spooner, Karen Orr. 700
    15. Hayden & Alastair. 510
    16. Bog Tortters. Leonie Waayer, Aiden O’Boyle. 340

    2 Hour event
    1. Don & Stewart. 810 – 110L = 700
    2. Rebecca & Frazer. 570 – 10L = 560
    3. Wellington Colleges A. Jono, Lara, Alice, James. 470
    4. Wellington Colleges B. Greg, Liam, Tess. 420
    5. Rob Molloy. 460 – 46S = 414
    6. Rachael & Helen. 410 – 60L = 350
    7. Onslow Juniors. Helen, Samantha, Sam. 280

    Wrights Hill and Makara Peak, 2 August 12

    Course Planner

    Time 3 hrs. 100% dark. A dry calm night after rain earlier in the week. 50 participants.

    Thanks to Andy we were able to make use of the Karori clubrooms to get organized and leave gear during the event.

    The event was a mix of urban, Wright's Hill and Makara Peak, making a lot of use of the extensive bike track system. This meant I was able to get quite a few controls into a small area. It was also a good excuse to checkout some of the bike tracks which might otherwise be too advanced for riding.

    Dean Ford and Paul Bird top scored at 1420. The Centurions, Andy, Mark and Nick, would have been close on 1410 but copped a 60 point time penalty for 1350. However, that was still good enough for second for them. Bill Edward was also able to hold his place despite a Solo penalty reducing his 1300 to 1170.

    A few newcomers turned up and it was great to see experienced people take them out with them.



    1. MBs like Galaxy Mistrals. Lorraine Johns, Muriel Seeley, Charmaine White. 580
    2. Harriette Carr, Jenny Cossey, Bridget Borlase. 550.

    S = Solo.

    1. Dean Ford, Paul Bird. 1420
    2. Centurions. Andy Foster, Mark Hearfiled, Nick. 1410 - 60L = 1350
    3. Bill Edwards. 1300 - 130S = 1170
    4. Tom Tucker Fan Club. Greg Dobson, Grant Hector, Ross Woodley. 1060
    5. Lightning Speed Robots. Kelvin Thiele, Hayden Munro, Barnaby Arnott. 1050
    6. Vincent and John. 1050
    7. Jo Holden, Heather Kirkham. 1010
    8. Mike Dalzell, Simon Bell. 1000
    9. Made up on the night. Paul Teesdale-Spittle, Rob Malloy. 970
    10. SNM. Nicole Ranger, Matt Davies, Sarah Davies. 950
    11. Bannisters. Ashley Chin, Rachel Baker, Simon Teesdale. 920
    12. Running Solo. Darryn Gordon. 1010 - 101S = 909
    13. JoKens. AnnKendon, Jo McKenzie. 880
    14. Burmas. Cameron Grant, Ellie Malloy, Islay Dickie. 830
    15. Ngaio Navigators. Nicola Mitchell, Val Spooner. 770
    16. Rob and Martin McCrudden. 770
    17. Flying Takahes. Jenny Visser, Mike Fee. 760
    18. Afraid of the Dark. Scott Miller, Shula Webb. 730 - 20L = 710
    19. Thomas Kiel. 730 - 73S = 657
    20. Fast Fitzy and Big Venus. Adele Fitzpatrick, Vicki Connor. 490
    21. James Richardson (2 hours). 520 - 52S = 468

    Tinakori, 5 July 12

    Course Planner and Mary McBride.

    Time 3hrs, 100% dark. Weather not promising, but rain stopped within minutes of starting and it was quite pleasant during and even afterwards for the traditional pizza. 66 participants.

    The course planner says "I don't have time to draw up a race report... Maybe you could draw up a quick one, saying only great things about the fantastic course, well planned event and the two lovely girls who organised!!" So... the webmaster notes a nice course that ranged from Thorndon to the western skyline, and Ngaio Gorge to Karori! Controls in streets and parks, controls in the fabulous Wilton Bush, and controls on "Andy's Nemesis" aka Te Ahumairangi. I have it on good authority that the council changed its name from Tinakori Hill to banish a councillor's negative feelings about this challenging part of the town belt:-))

    Anyway a guy called Andy got the highest gross score but under traditional rules he was docked 10% for running solo (rogaining is a team sport) and Mark Hooker and Scott Miller were given the nod. Saw lots of new rogainers, I hope you've read the stuff on the web about how these events run, particularly the use of ribbons as control features here and there, the limitations of Q-and-A controls, and what to do if the feature isn't obvious.

    Finally, I recommend joining an orienteering club (preferably OHV!). There's a $5 discount each rogaine (and for other types of orienteering too) and with a 50% first-timer discount on the sub you're saving on your third event. Here's the sub form. And we also recommend pre-registration by two working days prior, we nearly ran out of maps last night:-))


    Only team that specified "Walk" and I'm pleased to recognise them. In Melbourne street rogaines, walkers out-number runners, in NZ "fun-runs" walkers are huge, feel sure that this is a market worth chasing. If you forgot or didn't know you can specify "walk" then let us know.

    1. Simon Faulkner, Adriaan Lombard 410

    S = Solo. The mapper was in a team but didn't choose the route.

    1. Afraid of the Dark: Mark Hooker Scott Miller 1250
    2. Andy Foster 1188 1380-138S =1242
    3. Dan & Heather 1160
    4. David Bain supporters club: Ross Woodley Greg Dobson Grant Hector 1150
    5. Kelvin Thiele 1160 -116S =1044
    6. Rob Vanderpoel, Michael Wood 1040
    7. Nicole Ranger Matt Davies Sarah Bailey 950
    8. Jo Holden and Nick Engleback 940
    9. Scott and Vincent 940
    10. Graeme Silcock Sue Eastwood 910
    11. Jerome Shep, Jenny and Dave Rudge 870
    12. Simon Rea Jeff Williams 840
    13. Team Pantoffles: Kelly Neighbours Niel Zandberg Steph Jones 830
    14. Flying Takahes: Mike Fee Jenny Visser Chris Visser-Fee 820
    15. Jo McKenzie Ann Kendon 770
    16. Rachel and Stuart 740
    17. Darryn Gordon Samantha Gordon 730
    18. Paul Chaplow 810-81S =719
    19. Matt Knarston Vanessa Alty 680
    20. Bog Trotters: Ian Harrison Leonie Waayer 660
    21. Nick and Allan 650
    22. Wellington Aneasthesia 2: Sheila Hart Will Young Nik Bernhard Kirsten Cunningham 650
    23. The Muppets: Geoff McDonnell Hannah Whiteman Fiona Cameron Andy Dick 640
    24. Phil and Sam 570
    25. Wellington Aneasthesia 3: Kirsten Matheson, Grant 560
    26. Team Betty 490
    27. Team Totally Disorganised: Julie, Thomas 430
    28. Anna and Rachel 380
    29. Wellington Aneasthesia 1 Mohana Worsley, Chris 190

    Wainuiomata, 6 Jun 12

    Course Planner and Julie Gordon.

    Time 2hrs, 100% dark. Weather foul, in fact the planners were considering putting it off for a week except people kept turning up! 42 participants. As usual it wasn't too bad while you were out there, and the shortened time period kept teams in the sheltered areas.

    A tight race for top spot, Al and Miranda deserved their win as they were back in good time. Highest gross score went to Rebekah and Belle but look at the time they took:-)) There was discussion as to whether they had missed hearing about the shortened time period. Three other good scores over the 500 mark.

    But the prize of the day goes to Kapiti College for their excellent turnout in the face of adversity - distance, weather, and running out of petrol! These students obviously span a range of ability but they are putting in the work to learn about navigation, teamwork, and coping with cold and wet. Hillary Challenge watch out!


    1. No-one admitted to walking, they ran to keep warm!


    1. Al Cross, Miranda Robinson (1-58) 550
    2. Don't Ask Me: Mary McBride, Nick Lowe, Mark Hearfield, Liam Drew (2-02-
    3. ) 570 -30L =540
    4. Honey Badgers: James Fraser, Robin Cameron-Jones (1-59) 510
    5. Wellington Wogainers: Ben Clark, Mark Hooker (1-57) 500
    6. Running Scared: Darryn Gordon, Jason Brown (2-05-
    7. ) 560 -60L =500
    8. Ian McCabe, Graeme Silcock (10-58) 440
    9. Georgia Wedd, Callum Harris, Nathan Gilling (2-06-
    10. ) 450 -70L =380
    11. Kapiti Coll A: Zac Couper, Ross McGregor, Austin DB, Liam Barge (1-59) 350
    12. Lightning Speed Robots: Kelvin Thiele, Richard Persson (2-00) 350
    13. Simon Rea, Michael Wood (2-00) 350
    14. Teachers are doing it for themselves: Rebekah Wright, Belle Laird (2-25=
    15. ) 610 -260L =350
    16. Jenny Visser, Mike Fee (2-06-
    17. ) 370 -70L =300
    18. Jo Holden, Nick Engleback, Siobhan Quayle (1-52) 280
    19. Rob van der Poel, Steve Oram (2-06-
    20. ) 310 -70L =240
    21. Kapiti Coll C: Sarah Hall, Jesse Pearson, Pans Bradley, Jess Allen (2-07-
    22. ) 230 -80L =150
    23. Kapiti Coll B: Sam Taggart, Connor McDonald, Renee Smith, Katrina Drake (1-49) 70

    Pinehaven, 7 May 12

    Course Planner and Sue Eastwood.

    Time 3hrs, 100% dark. Weather fine and cool with a super moon there some of the time. 46 participants.


    1. 2 Lovely Ladies: Claire Sherrington, Hellen Maddox 430
    2. Gordon Crichton and Bev Walter (1.5hrs) 110

    Kapiti College (2.5hrs)
    L=Late, S=Solo

    1. Kapiti College with Rob: Caleb, Tess, Paris, Rob Vanderpoel 590 -80L =510
    2. Kapiti College with Michael: Jesse, Jennifer, Briana, Michael Wood 450 -20L =430
    3. Kapiti College No1 team: Zac, Liam, Sam, Katrina 360
    4. Kapiti College A team: Sam, Romain, Renee, Georgina 260
    5. Kapiti College No2 team: Connor, Logan, Sara, Rebecca 250

    Runners (3hrs)

    1. Jamie BW: Jamie Brigham-Watson 1590 -30L -156S =1404
    2. Nathan & Georgia: Nathan Gilling Georgia Wedd 1250 -20L =1230
    3. K Boy and 2 Bettys: Nick Engleback, Kaylene, Siobhan 1060
    4. Lighning Speed Robots: Kelvin Thiele Richard Persson 1020
    5. Honey Badgers: James Fraser Robin Cameron-Jones 900
    6. Mark & Heather: Mark Hearfield Heather Kirkman 820
    7. May Run: Rob Molloy Elle Molloy 740
    8. Nicole Ranger, Matt Davies 710
    9. Helen and Mary: Mary McBride Helen McKendry 660
    10. Save Hutt River: Pat van Berkel 780 -50L -73S =657
    11. Auckland visitor: Steve Oram 720 -72S =648
    12. Dude, where's my control? Jess Thorn Sam McCloy 550

    Karori, 4 Apr 12

    Course Planner

    Time 3hrs, 90% dark. Weather murky with mist on the tops but a pleasant surprise after drizzle all day. 35 participants.

    L=Late, S=Solo, M=Mapper

    1. Michael Wood 1150 -115S =1035
    2. The Other Team: Rebekah Wright, Annabelle Laird 880
    3. Paul Andews Ticked off but no result recorded


    1. Wadestown Wogainers: Mark Hooker, Nick Clendon, Ben Clark 1380
    2. Bart: Greg Thurlow, Ian Harrison 1370
    3. Magnus Bengtsson, Georgia Wedd 1310
    4. Rob van der Poel, Andy Foster 1270
    5. R+R: Rachel Dearden, Richard Dearden 1270
    6. Girls Night Out: Rachel Drew, Sheila Hart 1270
    7. Lost Bearings: Janne Halonen, Kalle Pokkinen 1260
    8. Big Trotters: Iain Atkinson, Aiden O'Boyle 1250
    9. No Jokenz: Ann Kendon, Andrew McLellan 1240
    10. Dave Rudge, Jenny Cassie 1160
    11. Darryn Gordon 1280 -128S =1152
    12. Nicole Ranger, Ross Browne 980
    13. Jo Holden 1010 -101S =909
    14. Anna McDonnell, Nicola Mitchell 850
    15. Fitzy, Mojo and Big Venus: Adele Fitzpatrick, Marjolein Ros 830
    16. Lightning Speed Robots: Kelvin Thiele, Richard Persson 750

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