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> Actually we don't have discrete "maps" any more, we have "mapped areas" that we carve a piece out of. To help you we've put in a bit of cross-referencing from possible place names. Another hint is that we've got mapping with different degrees of detail for different types of events. There are basically "Std symbols", then "Park/Sprint symbols" for our urban areas with more detail, and "MTBO/Rogaine symbols" for larger areas with less detail.

The "ocd" is the filename, we print as required to enable the latest version to be used. (Though the version number in these filenames will soon get out of date. Filenames may also include an OCAD version eg v11.) Many of these maps have some parts available for download, perhaps with courses on. Have a rummage where you see the D/L link.

This page was first assembled by and was last updated on 27 Aug 19. © Orienteering Hutt Valley

Avalon, Lower Hutt
Park/Sprint symbols
Includes Fraser Park, Avalon Park, Taita Central School, Belmont School, Belmont Domain and riverbank between. Popular area with lots of features. Map updated since playground and pond overhaul.D/L

Battle Hill

Paekakariki Hill Rd Pauatahanui

Std Symbols

Regional Council Farm Park. Inherited from KHAVOC; added reasonable amt steep forest on east 2009; great area with good parking and toilets. Some wind damage in the forest 2014 plus some new tracks. Highway construction from 2016 but passage still there.

Belmont Bunkers
(was called bpark to ver 21)
Hill Rd
Lower Hutt 10km2
Std symbols
Farm area with wartime concrete bunkers. Regional park. Steep in parts but mostly clean farmland. Some gorse growth and also treatment needs updating, fencing is happening. Best in summer as exposed to all winds. Extension end 2017 to Cannons Head.
Belmont School or Domain Belmont, L/Hutt   See "Avalon". Scout Hall, rhododenron dell, BBQs, riverbank. D/L
Map Boundaries
Greater Wellington 1500km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols

Cookie-cutter file consisting only of super-topo map boundaries. Files are separate so they can be worked on independently, but we often need to join them. They need to fit together EXACTLY. Initially this file provided cut lines for subdividing the map files and aligning them with local bodies which were providing contours. The file also contains the approx boundaries of the standard and park/sprint maps for illustrative purposes.
Moores Valley Rd
Wainuiomata 0.5km2

Std symbols

Scout Camp. Fields, buildings, bush tracks. For camp users, permanent course kit is held by the camp. D/L

Bullamahanga bulla10.ocd

Moonshine Rd
Upper Hutt 4km2
Std symbols
Good-sized farm area, fairly steep. Subdivision, logging 2016 have reduced the usable area to Landowners haven't been talked to for quite a while.
California Park Totara Pk, U/Hutt   See "Totara Park". Connects to riverbank and Harcourt Park D/L
(was called catchpl to ver 20)
Coast Rd
Wainuiomata 1.0km2
Std symbols
Scenic valley in Rimutaka Forest Park. Area is net usable area, map includes steep native and plantation. Changes by storms and logging but there are some nice bush tracks. Off-track native bush is steep and challenging. See below for more detailed version. 5m contours were installed 2016.
Catchpool catchsprint04.ocd Coast Rd
Wainuiomata 1.0km2
Park/sprint symbols
Scenic valley in Rimutaka Forest Park. Detailed version of above, contours ex LiDAR-based 1m DEM, with three small areas totalling fieldworked at larger scale. The rest untouched. Suitable short distance, and training.
Chilton chilton21.ocd Waterloo Rd L/Hutt 0.025km2 1:1500/0m
Park/Sprint symbols
School campus. has been updated for building changes, needs vegetation updated now.
CIT and HIBS Heretaunga, Upper Hutt   See "Silverstream". Campus with extensive grounds, neighbouring army playing fields, school nearby. D/L
Civic Centre, LH Lower Hutt   See "Hutt CBD", feature-filled urban terrain. Town Hall reconstruction afffecting a small area 2016-17.D/L
Clusters Last Stand pporo06.ocd Ngaumu Forest Wairarapa 30km2 1:20,000/10m
MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Plantation forest with network of roads, logging tracks and some purpose-built single-track. Maybe. Not visited since about 2003 but could be good rogaine area. 30min from Masterton.
Days Bay daysb22.ocd Marine Dr
Eastbourne 1.5km2
Park/Sprint symbols
Williams Park with school, beach, and surrounding bush tracks. Significant update 2010. Extended to include Eastbourne to Burdans Gate 2015. D/L
East Harbour
(was called eharb to ver 35)

Eastbourne Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Wainuiomata and Eastbourne over to Coast Road. Though steep much of the bush is relatively passable and this is a favourite. Includes Pencarrow lakes and track system; and also the popular Wainui Trail Park. Lots of baitlines which are mapped as indistinct tracks.
El Rancho Waikanae   Outdoor camp on the edge of the Waikanae River. Although not contiguous it is part of the Waikanae Park file. Hobbit-map variation on std orienteering symbols.
Fraser Park Avalon, Lower Hutt   See "Avalon". Playing fields, former Avalon studios, riverbank.
Harcourt Park Maoribank, U/Hutt   See "Totara Park". Beautiful park with lots of features. Extends along river to SH2, connects over river to California Park. D/L
Hikoikoi Park Petone, L/Hutt   See "Petone". Playing fields, playground, boatsheds, beach. D/L
Hutt CBD
Central Lower Hutt 1:5000/5m
Park/Sprint symbols
Includes Hutt Rec, Civic Centre, Queensgate, HVHS and riverbanks. Heaps of possibilities. Updated after reconstruction of civic centre.D/L
Hutt Valley HS Lower Hutt   See "Hutt CBD". A very "porous" campus with direct link to riverbank. D/L
Jubilee Park Lower Hutt   See Western Hills. Steep but good tracks thru bush in Jubilee Park alongside SH2. Limited parking but can access from Pharazyn St via overbridge (mapped). D/L
Kaitoke kaitoke09.ocd

North of Upper Hutt. Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Area north of Upper Hutt for which UHCC provided (dodgy)10m contours. Waiting on a rogainer to express an interest. Includes "Rivendell" film location.
Kaitoke Campground
Kaitoke, Upper Hutt 1:5000/10m
Park/Sprint symbols
Campground and a little bit along the road to the forks. Great little area except busy at holiday times. Outside UHCC's 5m contour coverage unfortunately so only (poor) 10m contours. Now have better contours ex GW LiDAR, ripe for update and extension to "Rivendell" film location. Which is smal but a good "party venue"
Karapoti karapoti14.ocd

Akatarawa Forest. Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Akatarawa Forest from Karapoti gorge up to the UHCC/KCDC boundary. Dodgy UHCC 10m contours but have fixed many of them. We know a lot about the tracks in here from rogaines.
Karori Park
Karori, Wellington 1:5000/5m Park/Sprint symbols Karori Park, the hill behind, and surrounding areas. mapped at greater detail primarily for MTBO, but shares the same symbol set as the park/sprint maps.
Anywhere Any scale you like Labyrinth design cribbed from event in Slovenia. Its based on a 10X10 grid of stakes and takes AGES to set up, but fun and good map orientation practice. There are simpler maze designs.
Lower Hutt
(was called lhutt to ver 74)

Lower Hutt 60km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Covers all of Lower Hutt including eastern and western hills. Our original rogaine mapping, pretty much every street, track and reserve is mapped.
Lowry Bay lowryb03.ocd

Eastern Bays Lower Hutt

Park/Sprint symbols
Basemap set up for a park/sprint map filling the gap between Petone and Days Bay. So far only has 5m contours ex HCC and a few tracks from the rogaine mapping.
Maidstone Park Upper Hutt   See "Upper Hutt CBD". Park with playground and playing fields, nice bush tracks up to the ridge, some off-track. D/L
Makara Peak Karori, Wgtn 6km2   See "Wgtn South". MTB Park with extensive tracks, adjoining city streets, and also the forest above Karori Park. See also Karori Park.
Maungakotukutuku MTBO Maungakotukutuku Valley, Kapiti   Now covered by "Paraparaumu", "Maunganui" and "Karapoti". Rugged bush with old logging roads, current forestry tracks, challenging single-track.
(was called maung to ver 09)

Kapiti Coast Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Kapiti Coast from Paekakariki to Waikanae. The inland steep bit not covered by KCDC contours, have used a DEM to interpolate 10's. Could do better with modern data. We know a fair bit about the tracks in here.
(was called mcker to ver 16)

Rimutaka Forest Park Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Between Coast Road and Orongorongo River. Tracks close to Wainuiomata have been fieldworked, and also from Catchpool Stream to McKerrow, across to the Orongorongo River and back along Cattle Ridge. Locations of some huts - but there are more to be found, plus their access tracks. Ripe for more rogaining.
Melling, Lower Hutt 1:5000/5m
Park/Sprint symbols
Includes Melling station, skatepark and bridge, and riverbank both sides almost to KG Bridge
Moonshine Bridge and Park Trentham, Upper Hutt   See "Trentham". South of the bridge connects to Trentham Park, pop under the bridge to Poets Park or over the bridge. D/L
Naenae Cemetery Naenae L/Hutt   See "Taita Cemetery".
Naenae College nncol03.ocd High Street Lower Hutt 0.2km2 1:2500/0m
Std symbols
School campus, adjoins Intermediate. Requires updating and sprint specs.
Normandale School ndaleschool07.ocd Normandale Lower Hutt 0.04km2 1:2000/0m
Std symbols
Small school campus. Is covered by Otonga 1:5000 mapping but this is an enlargement done for the school.
OHV Logo ohvlogographics.ocd NA NA OHV logo with lettering turned into graphics so that it is scalable. Uses one of the std yellows, plus an additional area symbol and two line symbols.
OHV Park/Sprint Symbols ohvparksprintsymbols03.ocd 1:5000 NA File's main use is a reference symbol/colour set that other files can use. It may contain a sample legend.
OHV Public Transport Symbols ohvptsymbols04.ocd 1:20,000 NA File's main use is to provide special symbols and colours for the City Safari, in addition the Rogaine/MTBO set, see elsewhere.
OHV Rogaine/MTBO/Std Symbols ohvrmsymbols08.ocd 1:20,000 or 15,000 NA File's main use is a reference symbol/colour set that other files can use. It is a merging of the ISOM2000, MTBO, and a few special rogaine symbols. Based on the ISOM 1:15,000, enlarge appropriately if you can for better readability. But remember that layout stuff such as text is independant of scale. May contain sample legends.

Onoke onoke06.ocd

Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine stds

Wairarapa side of the Rimutakas. Very very steep, its only on our list because we have the contours for the part in Hutt City!
Lower Hutt 2.0km2 1:5000/5m
Park/Sprint symbols
Bush tracks and some passable bush between Maungaraki and the Korokoro Dam; plus the green band down to Percy Reserve. Supports jungle courses but parts around Belmont Regional Park entrance, The Rabbit Warren, and Percys Reserve are great beginner and sprint areas.D/L
Paintball pball06.ocd

Manor Park .06km2

Sprint symbols
Thunderball paintball area, extremely detailed terrain with steel and rubber features mapped to beyond sprint specs. Bush maze affected by seasonal blackberry. We seem to have offended the proprietors, access not available 2018.
Pakuratahi pakuratahi09.ocd

East of Upper Hutt. Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Area east of Upper Hutt up to the summit tunnel on the incline. We have (dodgy) 10m contours from UHCC, photos in position, waiting on a rogainer or MTBOer to explore the forest road network up there.
Paraparaumu parapara44.ocd

Kapiti Coast Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Kapiti Coast flat part from Paekakariki to Waikanae. Goes in as far as the KCDC contours do. Fairly good representation of streets reserves and especially QE Park, though the bit east of the rly has never been done. Scope for beginner MTBO along Waikanae River, and alongside the expressway (mapped). 5 and 2.5mm cntrs in part of the area.
Pencarrow South Coast, Lower Hutt   See "East Harbour". Exposed headlands facing Cook Strait, separated by two botanically significant lakes. Tracks, shipwreck, historic lighthouse. Not for the lazy, you have to jog or bike from Eastbourne! Bridges over the swamps were damaged in storms, that reduces the flexibility.
Percys Reserve Beside SH2 Lower Hutt 0.5km2   See "Otonga". Nice bush tracks, waterfall, pond, island, cave, formal gardens. D/L
Petone, Lower Hutt 1:5000/5m
Park/Sprint symbols
Includes Petone Rec, Weltec, Sladden Park, Hikoikoi Reserve and riverbank between. Prelim mapping of Hutt Park.D/L
Pinehaven School and Reserve Pinehaven Upper Hutt   See "Silverstream". Great beginner area designed for school use at 1:1500 when its fits on A4
Pomare, Lower Hutt 1:5000/5m
Park/Sprint symbols
Riverbank north of Fraser Park to Stokes Valley entrance, and Manor Park on the other side. Highway interchange and Dry Creek park entrance mapped. Under-used due to dividing effect of SH2 and river but there ARE crossings.
(was called porua to ver 29)

Porirua Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Porirua south of Pauatahanui Inlet. Includes Whitby and Judgeford south of SH58. Also Colonial Knob to Titahi Bay. Good representation of streets tracks and reserves. Recent track-building on slopes of Colonial Knob happening, may be incomplete.
Pukerua pukerua09.ocd

Porirua. Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Porirua City north of Pauatahanui inlet. Includes Plimmerton, Pukerua Bay, Battle Hill and Judgeford north of SH58. Good representation of streets tracks and reserves.
QE Park Kapiti Coast   See "Paraparaumu". Coastal sand dunes with extensive track network. 2.5m contours installed, can be switched on/off.
Rabbit Warren Maungaraki Lower Hutt 0.2km2   See "Otonga". Tiny bush maze of incredible complexity.
Silverstream, Upper Hutt 1:5000/5m
Park/Sprint symbols
Includes Silverstream Retreat, St Pats College, and riverbank including a little bit at the bottom of Keith George Park. Also, though not contiguous, Pinehaven School/Reserve and CIT/HIBS (which needs updating). D/L
Sladden Park Alicetown, L/Hutt   See "Petone". Access to riverbank both sides. Has lost a bit of appeal with the construction of a retirement village in place of the delightfully derelict school.
St Pats College Silverstream, Upper Hutt   See "Silverstream". College has paddocks and connects with riverbank. has streamside plantings with track on each side. Plus traditional "cloistered" school buildings.
Stratton stratton11.ocd

Stratton "Street" L/Hutt 0.65km2

Park/Sprint symbols
Entrance to Belmont Regional Park, scenic but narrow valley bottom, with a network of steep tracks at one end up to Old Coach Road. Logging and storms have changed things a bit but it will come right. "Woolshed" event base. Could be access to Bunkers map. D/L
Taita Cemetery cemet13.ocd Naenae L/Hutt 0.2km2 1:2500/5m
Park/Sprint symbols
Also known as "Naenae Cemetery" as its in Naenae. Old-style cemetery. Area includes adjacent lawn cemetery which is prob not usable as still in use.
Te Marua
Te Marua, Upper Hutt 1:5000/5m
Park/Sprint symbols
Includes Tunnel Gully and a lot of unmapped bush around it, including a connection to the river at Te Marua. Better 5m contours need some work to incorporate historical fieldwork.D/L
Te Whiti Park whiti02.ocd Whites Line East L/Hutt 0.4km2 1:6000/0m
Std symbols

Simple area of playing fields, stream, and a couple of short bush tracks. Suit white course along with street event. Designed to print at 1:4000, should be changed to Park/Sprint symbols. Doesn't recognise Te Whiti Riser track yet.D/L

Totara Park
Totara Pk, Upper Hutt 1:5000/0m
Park/Sprint symbols
Includes Totara Park streets, California Park, Harcourt Park and the riverbank both sides. A very versatile area with a number of start points. D/L
Trentham, Upper Hutt 1:5000/0m
Park/Sprint symbols
Includes Moonshine Bridge and riverbank, Trentham Memorial Park (playground, bush tracks), Fergusson Intermediate and UH College. School rebuilds have been incorporated. May be some cyclocross clearing in Moonshine Pk to check. Moonshine Pk has extra trees which can be revealed at a large scale. D/L

Tukutuku tukutuku13.ocd

Maungakotukutuku Valley, Kapiti 1.2km2

Std symbols

Long narrow valley floor, with a dense track network made by quad bikes, and some passable native bush. Most of the bush is slow, but it provides challenging nav. Early by-eye contours replaced from LiDAR-based DEM. Great picnic spot.
Tunnel Gully Te Marua, U/Hutt   See "Te Marua". The usable area is quite small, with little off-track. However this means the bush tracks are very safe, and its a very nice picnic area. Historic railway tunnel too. Good base for long runners courses on the rogaine map. D/L
Twin Lakes
Te Marua, Upper Hutt 1:5000/5
Park/Sprint symbols
Usable area is long and thin and to the WEST of the road into the lakes past the Stock Car track. We can't go EAST except for the pony club lease near the park gate. 5m contours need a fair bit of work to incorporate historical fieldwork round the lakes.
Upper Hutt
(was called uhutt to ver 61)
Upper Hutt 40km2 1:20,000/10m
MTBO/Rogaine symbols
All of Upper Hutt including eastern and western hills. 10m contours ex UHCC were dodgy but have fixed a lot by hand. More recently got better (5m) contours over part, have spliced in. Our second integrated rogaine mapping after Lower Hutt, pretty much every street, track and reserve is mapped.
Upper Hutt CBD
Upper Hutt Central 1:5000/5m
Park/Sprint symbols
Includes the riverbank, streets incl the CBD, Maidstone Park, and over the river some interesting terrain below Riverstone. The CBD is particularly good urban terrain. Maidstone has extra detail which can be revealed at a larger scale (pretty well every tree.) D/L
Upper Hutt Coll Trentham, U/Hutt   See "Trentham". Fergusson Intermediate is adjacent, and they have both had extensive rebuilding. The riverbank is close.
Waikanae Park waikanaepark06.ocd Waikanae 0.3+0.2km2 1:5,000/2.5m
Std symbols
Nice urban park with hills, forest, near swimming pool. Good 2.5m contoutrs from KCDC fitted. Permanent orienteering course. Hobbit-type version of std orienteering symbols. D/L File also includes El Rancho outdoor camp.
Wainui Trail Park Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt   See "East Harbour" for rogaine-level detail. Network of MTB trails in sheltered bushclad valley, climbing back towards L/Hutt. Footies welcome too. See also "Wainui Parks" for more detailed mapping.
Wainui Parks
Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt 1:5000/5m Park/Sprint symbols Wainuiomata including the Trail Project, Richard Prouse Park, the waterworks valley, and the Boys Brigade camp. Most of this is steep jungle but its the basis for little areas here and there. Fair amount of off-track mapped around the WTP wetland loop. Extends over Towai to Whites Line and Te Whiti Riser. Will soon split into two or three files.
Waitarere Forest
Waitarere Beach 26 1:20,000/10m MTBO/Rogaine symbols Entire Waitarere Forest including village. Prepared Russell Higham for SS Rogaine. File may have finer contours, but perhaps they are in a related file.
Waitarere Beach 8 1:10,000/2.5m Std symbols Waitarere Forest, replacing former maps Watchtower and Wanda west of Road 11 (the main forest road). Includes 1 of Osgiliath in the north and 2 of village in the south. Much is not usable due to forest ops but mapped about 3 in 2016. LIDAR contours should make remapping easy when replanted blocks come on stream again.
Waterstone waterstone04.ocd Paraparaumu 0.25km2 1:3,000/2.5m
Park/Sprint symbols
Pretty urban area with parkland and lakes. D/L
Wellington North wgtnnorth14.ocd

Wellington Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Part of Wgtn City including Tawa. West of Colonial Knob hasn't had any fieldwork but Col Knob and Tawa have, reaching east to Belmont Regional Park.
Wellington South wgtns98.ocd

Wellington Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
Wellington to Johnsonville, Newlands and Horokiwi. This was our third integrated rogaine mapping area and it has been extensively mapped for afterwork rogaines, MTBOs and City Safaris.
Wellington West wgtnwest08.ocd

Wellington Many km2

MTBO/Rogaine symbols
West coast including Terawhiti and Makara. Part of the West Wind Windfarm has had fieldwork, we need some skilled negotiators for access to the rest. We had several rogaines there in pre-computer days. Contours and photos all set up.
Western Hills westernhills07.ocd Lower Hutt 0.5km2 plus 1:5000/5m
Park/Sprint symbols
Steep but good tracks thru bush in Jubilee Park alongside SH2. Limited parking, possibility to start across bridge in Pharazyn St. Scope to extend N and NE.


In May 2018 we converted a number of our maps to a new mapping specification introduced by the IOF. This includes our 7 standard maps, and 17 super-topo maps which share the same set of symbols and colours.

The colour coding in the table above represents progress of the task. It's quite a tedious job taking hours for each file, and the mapping officer needs to see some progress to lighten the load. The standard maps are blue. As they were converted the blue was lightened. Most of the remaining dark ones are of small areas and they should really become park/sprint maps, see later.

The super-topo maps (used for rogaines and MTBO) are green. As they were converted the green was lightened.

The park/sprint maps are red. A new IOF sprint specification is being introduced in 2019. We use a modified version of this for our parks and have converted 25 of our maps to this. As we went the red was changed to orange. We still have a few small mapsp on the old std symbols (dark blue) which should be "sprintified"; this isnt so easy so they are last to change.