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> Stocks used to be crucial in days of old, when printing economics dictated printing thousands at a time. These days we try to print just enough for immediate needs. Use of stock is therefore a way of making efficient use of leftovers and avoiding the overhead of a trip to the printer when just a few are required. Sometimes maps have courses already marked on - it makes sense to use these for planning, training and other times where it doesn't matter.

Stocks are currently held by Ph 566 2645. The page was last updated on 19 Oct 06, which should tell you how important paper maps are these days. © Orienteering Hutt Valley

Enquiries are welcomed from non-members who wish to use our maps. As they are our stock-in-trade and are normally funded from event fees we charge for them: a little for leftovers and a bit more if a print run is required. For educational purposes we may give a paper copy and time-limited right to photocopy for a fixed fee. We do not provide the digital file. Make your enquiry to the map stockist or the


Camp Akatarawa

Laminated maps are held by the camp staff.

Belmont Bunkers

1:10000=45 copies with fences
1:10000=150 copies approx without fences

Brookfield Laminated maps are held by the camp staff.


1:10000=1000 with no fences (1993) None

Avalon Park 1:5000=18 copies
Camelot 1:8000=15 copies
Camelot 1:8000=50 copies (1996)
Camelot 1:10000=10 copies (1995)

Camelot 1:7500=6 copies

1:10000=100 copies (1997-2003)
1:7500=4 copies

1:5000=30 copies (1997)


Central Lower Hutt

HVHS 1:5000=25 copies HVHS 1:5000=10 copies
CIT 1:5000= 40 copies (dated 2001)
1:5000=4 copies (dated 2000)
Clusters Last Stand 1:20000=16 copies
Days Bay 1:5000=70 approx copies (2003) None
Forbidden Lakes 1:7500=25 copies (dated 2003)
1:5000=15 cpoies (dated 2003)
Harcourt Park 1:5000=30 copies (dated 2003) 1:5000=9 copies
Jubilee Park 1:4000=25 copies None
Jollies Bush 1:15000=1300 (1993) None
Lower Hutt Gold Mine 1:15000=30 copies (dated 2000)
Central Lower Hutt 1:15000=15 copies (dated 2003)
Kennedy Good 1:15000=15 copies (dated 2003)

St Okes 1:15000=50+ copies (dated 1999)
Central Lower Hutt 1:15000=6 copies (dated 2003)
St Gurney 1:15000=19 copies (dated 1999)
Taita 1:15000=38 Copies (dated 2002)

Maidstone Park 1:5000=18 copies None
Makara Peak
Melling 1:5000=800 copies (1988)
Moores Taipo 1:15000=lots+500 (1990) None
Nae Nae College
1:3000=11 copies 1:3000=8 copies
Percys Reserve 1:5000=23 copies+1000 (1990) None
Rippin Valley None None
St Pats 1:5000=12 copies None
Sandy Trax 1:10000=12 copies (dated 2002)
Soil Bureau 1:7500=100 copies +900 None
Stratton None None
Te Whiti Park None None
Trentham Memorial Park 1:5000=50 copies None
Tunnel Gully 1:5000=lots + 1200 None
Upper Hutt

St Patricks Forest 1:15000=20 copies (dated 2000)
Silverstream 1:15000=6 copies (dated 2002)
Iron Bars 1:15000=30 copies (dated 2000)
Emerald Hill 1:15000=20 copies (dated 2000)

Tunnel Gully 1:20000=50+ copies (dated 2002)Tunnel Gully 1:20000=18 copies (dated 2001)
Silverstream 1:15000=21 copies (dated 2002)
Maidstone 1:15000=30 copies (dated 2002)
Maidstone 1:15000=20 copies (dated 2001)
Emerald Hill 1:15000=30 copies (dated 2003)

Wanda 1:7500= 30 copies (part of) None
Watchtower 1:10000=30 copies (part of)

1:10000=21 copies (part of)
1:10000=10 copies (part of)

Whitby Forest 1:15000=30 copies (dated 2000) 1:15000=30 copies (dated 2001)