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> This page lists some easy mapping jobs - that don't require mapping skill! If you can do orange or red courses then you can share this work. Some of these just need a visit. Perhaps there are some hints that changes might have happened and we need to find out. (Logging, thinning, subdivision, remark from a competitor etc) Perhaps someone has suggested an area and it needs a second opinion. Perhaps the area seems good but we haven't talked to the landowners.

We also list some maps that need minor work. The usual method of updating is to put it off until an event is scheduled. This guarantees that fieldwork will be done in bad weather, and everything will be rushed! This list is designed to enable work to happen in a more sensible way. The best way is to ask the mapping officer for a map at a large scale (2-3X normal) and then to sketch on it. If you have a GPS the file is handy. Someone with our drawing software OCAD will then update the file - or get you started.

Major jobs aren't listed here. If you are interested in learning more please consult This page was updated on 27 Apr 20. © Orienteering Hutt Valley

Ecclesfield Reserve Upper Hutt An hour or so Small area of bush tracks needs a review. Things on our rogaine mapping don't fit since we got better contours from UHCC.
St Pats Farm Upper Hutt An hour or so At the north corner of the paddocks theres a triangle of scrub 200X100m which we've just been avoiding. Are there any routes thru it? Could it be mapped as a maze?
MAF Research Farm Kaitoke

An hour or two

Re-establish contact with owner and see if we can map.
Te Whiti Park Lower Hutt Half a day There was a tiny old map of this simple park. It could perhaps incorporate Waiwhetu Marae, needs talking to the iwi.
Riverbank Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt Chunks of half a day or so The riverbank is our largest park, and is always changing. Lower Hutt is in good shape up to Avalon Park, though the river is eating away as I write. From there to Harcourt was last looked at a year or so ago. Past Harcourt it has only had a first go (and the bridge that fell in will have created changes.) Choose a chunk and mark updates, or simply report that a zone is/is not OK.
CIT/HIBS Upper Hutt Half a day We havent orienteered here for ages, CIT has changed hands, and HIBS has surely done building changes. What they need is a visit and talking to the (separate) owners to see whether there's still potential here.

Rivendell Kaitoke Couple of half-day sessions Tiny area possible around the filming location where bush is passable, and a 2km bush loop with occasional off-track possibilities. Would be used in conjunction with campground map 500m away. Have set up a basemap by GPS-ing the tracks, and installed good contours.

Bullamahanga Landowners


A day

Of we have only used 1.5 in recent years. We need to keep in contact with the owner of the 1.5, and see whether any of the other bits are still usable. So diplomatic rather than technical skill:-))

Belmont Bunkers Maintenance Lower Hutt

A day or so

Planners have suggested there might be something passable in those fenced off bush blocks. Close to the Hill Rd carpark. The new track from the carpark to Old Coach Road might open up some passable routes too. (We have the track on the map.)
Boys Brigade Campsite Wainuiomata A few days Ideally there should be a map that camp groups can use. There was a map in the 80's, which has been fitted to modern aerial photos and contours. Now needs fieldwork to make it usable.
Sacred Heart College Lower Hutt A few days College is adjacent to current civic centre mapping. No contours to worry about!
Taita College Lower Hutt A few days College is next to "The Learning Connection" (formerly the Soil Bureau) and we once had a colour map. Hasn't been used for years so best to start afresh. We have good contours and modern aerial photos.
Naenae College Lower Hutt A few days College is next to Intermediate. Hasn't been used for years so requires extensive updating. We have the old map and modern aerial photos. No contours to worry about!