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Wellington 2015 Afterwork Rogaine Series Results

League table, when available.

Seaview, 16 Nov 15

Course planner and Rob Smith; with final preps by Kelvin Thiele and Simon Rea.

Time 3 hours 5% dark. 46 participants.

Results, Walk (order fixed 23 Nov)

  1. Walking Wonders: Ian McCabe, Graeme Silcock 970 (8:59)
  2. Blackberry Jam: Robert Breukers, Stefaan Janssen, David Clarke 910 (8:57)
  3. Have Another Go: Fiona Clendon, Pip Le Couteur 880 (8:56)
  4. Rob McCrudden & Cathy Fraser 780 (8:57)
  5. Anna & Julia : Anna Lambrechtsen, Julia Hall 690 (8:41)
  6. A + B: Anna Engleback, Beverly Holder 690 -10L =680 (9:01)
  7. Michael Wood 790 -79S -71M =640 (8:59)
  8. Cath, Bella & Ben 560 (8:45)
Results, Run
  1. Mary McBride, Paul Bird 1250 (8:24)
  2. Navigtaionally Challenged: John Justice, Geoff Ferry 1270 -30L =1240 (9:03)
  3. Stray The Course: Mark Malone, Andrew Bridger, Peter Humphrey 1220 (8:57)
  4. Mark Hearfield 1320 -132S =1188 (8:56)
  5. Lara & Leon: Leon Perrie, Lara Shepherd 1160 (8:54)
  6. Jokens: Ann Kendon, Jo McKenzie 1150 (8:52)
  7. Jenny Visser & Mike Fee 1150 (8:54)
  8. Kina O: Ocean Mercer, Pat van Berkel, Tyrone Mackintosh 1110 (8:56)
  9. Rob van de Poel 1180 -118S =1062 (8:57)
  10. Speedsters: Tim Hodgkinson, Paul Tryon, Chris Hay, Duane Waterman 1010 (8:49)
  11. Puriri Plodders: Andrew Riddle, Jeanette Riddle 980 (8:56)
  12. Jo & Chris: Jo Holden, Chris Sherwood 620 -70L =550 (9:07)
  13. Emilie, Marie and Sharron: Marie Henderson, Emily Shorsbree, Sharron Came No Sheet (8:51)

Wellinton West, 21 Oct 15

Course planner and Ann Kenyon.

Time 3 or 1.5 hours 33% dark. 132 participants.

The planners write...
There were 132 participants, 60 in the 3 hour and 72 in the 90 minutes. With a lot of school families enjoying the chance to try something new. Dry but windy.

Must have a lot of teams going for the lollies going by the amount left in the bag at control 40. The Paua shell must have been removed at 62 since setting the course, if you think you are in the right place but can't find the answer, write something else down about the area.

A lot of the 3 hours teams headed west getting the triple dip (100 point bonus for getting 3 off-track controls in Wilton Bush), however the Walking Flying Takahes, cleaned up on the East and did quite well.

Results, minor adjustments 27 Oct

90min Run, Youngsters

  1. Wake man: Simon Wakeman, Thomas Wakeman 450
  2. Little Speedsters: Erica Hodgkinson, Holly Hodgkinson & Maegan Hodgkinson 400
  3. Sugar Plums: Karen Bell, Sarah Tryon Briar Tryon 400
  4. The Dragons: 380
  5. McTeigue: Dave McTeigue, Natalie & James McTeigue 380
  6. Pica Strike: Jason Mackiewicz, Ammy, Oliver ans Sean M 400-70L=330
  7. The Aussie McKeown's: Natalie McKeown, Aaron, Alexander, Elijah 250
  8. Seblee: Sarah Caylor, Felix and Madeleine 140
90min Run, Older Kids
  1. Wheres Welly?: Hariette Carr, Catherine, Rebecca and Stewart 560-20L=540
  2. We control this!: Tara Kendon, Nyah Parbu 500
  3. KLW: Lauren & Phil Kendon, Kat Winter, William Antrobus 490
  4. The Bro's: Alex Edwards, Hamish Edwards, Oli Taylor 470
  5. Onslow G2G with munted Ankles: Ella Taylor, Tesca Edwards, Beth Williams 340
  6. OKZ: 310
  7. Thomsons on Fleek: Bill Thompson, Marcus 240
90min Walk
  1. PouPou: Stefaan Janssens, Cecil Glorot 360
  2. Power Family: Sarah Underwood, William, Mathhew and Ali Power 340
  3. Williams Family: Mike Williams, Adam, Karen & Jacob W 290
  4. Candy: 290
  5. Tarikaka Three: Andrew Mann, Kirstin Gregory & Gabriana 240
  6. Newbies: Dijana Bogumric, Ivan 220
  7. Affleck: Peter Affleck, Thomas Affleck 210
  8. Back to the future: Kate Riddick, Sarah, Phil & Stephen Clarke 190
90min Run Adults
  1. Matt & Nic & Nick: Nicole Ranger, Matt Davies and Nick Lowe 650-10L=640
  2. McTeam: Mary McBride, solo 680-68S=612
  3. HGM: Muriel Seeley, Harriette McFetridge, Grace Seeley 510
  4. Night Raiders: Boris Shneider, Tony Kong, Martin Ma, Shreyas Joshi 430-20L=410
  5. Miklaina: Mike Dalzell, Elana Jury 440-50L=390
  6. Tim: Tim Markwell, solo 380-20L-36S=324
  7. Hockey Pokey: Laura Stockton, Vicky Fabrian 280
3hr Results Walk
  1. Walking Wonders: Ian McCabe, Graeme Silcock 1060
  2. Flying Takahes: Jenny Visser, Mike Fee 1030
  3. Plod and Slog: Gordon Balfour, Mel Cotterill 890
  4. Anna, Julia & Sarah: Anna Lambrechtsen, Julia Hall & Sarah Milicich 500
3hr Results Run
  1. BillE and Casper: Bill Edwards, Casper Harmer 1760
  2. Lightning Speed Robots: Kelvin Thiele, Richard Persson & Martyn Bayly 1610-50L =1560
  3. One Legged Wal: Mark Wallace, solo 1220-20S =1200
  4. Magnetic Deviation: Gillian Ingham, Malcolm Ingham 1170
  5. WOCers: Ellie Molloy, Stuart Engleback 1150
  6. Team Sagus: Sam Walton, Angus Watson 1120
  7. Bog Trotters: Iain Atkinson, Ian Harrison 1120-30L=1090
  8. Stray the Course: Mark Malone, Philip Secker & Peter Humphrey 1040
  9. Mike Phethean, Solo 1140 -40L =1026
  10. Lara & Leon: Leon Perrie, Lara Shepherd 1000
  11. Simon Rea, Solo 980 -10L -97S =873
  12. Emily, Jan and Marie: Marie Henderson, Emily Shrosbree Jan Goodwin 860
  13. Ruahine: Leonie Waayer, Andrew Begbie 730
  14. Onslow Get2Go: Fiona Middleton, Nick, Freddy,Bryon, Luke and Julianne 720
  15. Weg: Meg Cahalane, William Gauntlett 680
  16. Kina O: Pat van Berkel, Ocean Mercier 810-150L =660
  17. Adventure Lounge: Emily Bristow, Jonny Holtom 650
  18. Speedsters: Tim Hodgkinson, Paul Tryon 610
  19. Challenged in many ways: John Willmer, Haruka Miwa & Ciaran Brennan 500
  20. Navigationally Challenged: Geoff Ferry, Andrew Thompson 320 injury
  21. Y is Laurie Always Late?: Nicolas Law, Laurie Hughes DNF
  22. The Mapper: Michael Wood, pen failure no sheet, 1250 -110L -114S -103M =923Unoff

Happy Valley, 22 Sep 15

Course planner Siobhan Quayle and Nick Engleback.

Time 3 hours 85% dark. 39 participants.

The webmaster writes...
A shitty few days to be honest, the Hutt River is running high, the underpass at Petone Railway was under water, and though it was OK in the middle of the day the rain returned for the event. So the course which involved the road to Hawkins Hill and the Tip Track was doubly challenging. Somewhere about the windmill visibility was cut by fine mist and of course its breezy up there. Still, in a rogaine you have to live with your choices, and there were big controls to be had in Brooklyn. But (cleverly) there wasn't an obvious route through them.

Initial results below were photographed straight off the board, they have now been checked, and there are quite a few changes. Thanks to the planners (one is in Canada, another stepped off a plane to run the event tonight, and the third probably has an even better story to tell.)

Looks like the win was determined by the team that finished on time, as opposed to 10 pts more but 1min late. Nice.


  1. Walking Wonders: Graeme Silcock Ian McCabe 810 -30L =840
  2. The Mapper: Michael Wood 830 -83S -74M =673
Results Run
  1. Lawrence Pidcock Chris Swallow 1180
  2. Lightning Speed Robots Kelvin Thiele Richard Persson 1190 -10L =1180
  3. BART Greg Thurlow Bill Edwards 1080 -20L =1060
  4. HGM: Harriet, Grace, Murial 930
  5. Mike Phethean 970 -97S =871
  6. JoKens Ann Kendon Jo McKenzie 870
  7. Simon Rea 910 -91S =819
  8. Navigationally Challenged John Justice Geoff Ferry 810
  9. Stray the Course Mark Malone Andrew Bridger 810
  10. Blackberry Jam Robert Breukers Stefaan Janssens Dijana Bogunovic 740
  11. Better than Foucault: Ocean Mercier Tyrone Mackintosh 710
  12. Vincent and Carys 750 -50L =700
  13. Mary McBride Dean Ford 640
  14. Onslow Get2Go (prize for the biggest team??) Ella Nick Freddy Laurie Beth Maggie Julianne Byron 600
  15. Speedsters Tim Hodgkinson Paul Tryon 300
  16. Intrepid Sharron Came Emily Shorsbree 280

Wainuiomata, 27 Aug 15

Course planner and Sue Eastwood.

Time 3 hours 100% dark. 44 participants.

Graeme writes...
The night was clear and cool. We deliberately set the events a few days before full moon, when we can, and for once we had a clear sky to make use of it.

Great to see most teams preferred to leave the street controls unvisited and head for the hills. Only 2 teams did the loop around the back of the shopping centre even though it was worth a fairly easy 200 points if running. I was surprised to see a couple of teams did not visit control 62 which was within 2 minutes of the start and I think the easiest points on the map. I thought the skulls with the curly horns were impressive. The hardest points were probably for control 65 which all but two teams avoided.

A few controls with minor issues:
21 - When I saw it three weeks ago the sign said All trespassers remains will be prosecuted since then the gate has been replaced and the sign removed. The Epics team commented they didnt want to get too close because the dog was going nuts. Points were awarded to the three teams that claimed it.
36 I counted 3 pink ribbons as did 7 of the 14 teams that visited, the rest counted 4 pink ribbons. Point awarded to both answers.
43 - There were 3 soccer goalposts in the park 3 weeks ago, which I found a little unusual as the normally work in pairs. Soccer season has apparently finished and the posts removed. Sorry for any confusion but teams all answered zero correctly.

We enjoyed setting the course in what we consider a nice area which is fairly underutilised. A few people commented that they were surprised by the short amount of time it took them to drive there from Wellington.

Arithmetic corrections 29 Aug have changed some placings. Here is a table of controls visited.

Results, Walk

  1. Team Betty: Jo Holden Glen Warner 920
  2. Walking Wonders: Ian McCabe 970 -97S =873
  3. Plod and Slog: Gordon Balfour Melanie Cotterill 860
  4. Raewyn Moss Andrew Sweet 650
Results Run
  1. The Epics: Dean Ford Paul Bird 1580
  2. Lightning Speed Robots: Kelvin Thiele Martyn Bayly Richard Persson 1410
  3. Stray the Course: Mark Malone Ravi Chandra Peter Humphreys 1390 -30L =1360
  4. BART: Greg Thurlow Caspar Harmer 1290
  5. Locheed: Daniel McIlroy Robin Cameron Jones 1250
  6. Magnetic Deviation: Gillian Ingham Malcolm Ingham 1230
  7. Heads Left Tails Right: Sam Walton Angus Watson Lucy Conway 1220
  8. Navigationally Challenged: John Justice Geoff Ferry 1200
  9. Lara & Leon: Leon Perrie Lara Shepherd 1190
  10. Kina O Half x2: Pat van Berkel Simon Rea 1150
  11. Peter Wood 1270 -127S = 1143
  12. Bog Trotters : Iain Atkinson Ian Harrison 1140
  13. MMK: Mike Phethean Mike Dalzell Katy Glenie 1080
  14. Speedsters: Tim Hogkinson Chris Hay 1010
  15. Intrepid: Sharron Came Emily Shrosbree Marie Henderson 880
  16. Rob Vanderpoel 980 -30L -95S =855
  17. Night Raiders: Tony Kong Shreyas Joshi 410

Belmont Regional Park, 30 July 15

Course planner John Justice and Philip Secker.

Time 3 hours 100% dark. Cold but dry with only a light breeze. 55 participants.

Mark writes...
You could spend the whole 3 hours in the bush on this Rogaine, and it looks like many teams did, only going for a few road points at the end. No-one went for the tough #61 which is probably just as well. Most teams made it to the Belmont trig, and Im sure the views would have been fantastic if they had time to look.

Some of the tracks could be tricky to follow, and there are a lot of baitline trails not on the map to confuse things in this area. Between #91 & #25 seemed to cause a few problems, and one team managed to head east of here for an unscheduled bush bash as they were racing home to make 9pm, for an eventual 9:40 finish. To complicate matters, there was no cell phone coverage where they were to let the planners know.

Fortunately there were some cool & competent heads at the finish, to keep things calm while we waited. Thanks to Jeremy Patersen, Anthony Harmer, Greg Thurlow, Michael Wood & Philip Secker for waiting at the end until they arrived (and anyone else Ive forgotten). Plenty of SAR, paramedic & local knowledge in that group. Just as we figured out the most likely area the missing team could be in, they walked out.

This also shows the safety advantage to running these events in teams, as other members can always help or go and get help in the event of trouble.

Webmaster's comment: Though use of GPS's for navigation is outside the rules, many orienteers and rogainers track their routes with their wrist devices for later analysis. Strava's "Flybys" features magically finds routes near your own, and you can replay the event in the comfort of your own home, even though its only a Google map in the background. 24hrs later at least 6 teams have uploaded routes to Strava.

Results, 2hrs

  1. Locals: Caryn Vautier John Vautier 230
  2. TBC: Erica Hindle Penny Nikkelsen Shristine Stephenson Gwen Ryan 50
3hrs Walk
  1. Faulkner/Wahl: Simon Faulkner David Wahl 540 10L = 530
  2. Marie & Robert: Marie Henderson Robert Coulter 320
3hrs Run
  1. BART: Greg Thurlow Casper Harmer 1150
  2. Lightning Speed Robots: Kelvin Thiele Richard Persson 1090 150L = 940
  3. Ropain Rogaine: Andrew Bridger Geoff Ferry Chris Dewbery 930
  4. Bog Trotters: Iain Atkinson Ian Harrison 850
  5. Matt & Nicole & Nic: Nicole Ranger Matt Davies Nick Lowe 800
  6. Team Eagle: Dave Philipson Martin Bell 790
  7. Jokens: Ann Kendon Jo McKenzie 780
  8. Jeremy & Anthony: Jeremy Paterson Anthony Harmer 750
  9. VUW: Chris Martin Robin Cameron-Jones Daniel McIlroy 750
  10. The Mapper & Simon: Michael Wood Simon Rea 760 - 10L = 750 (with mapper's penalty - late start)
  11. Time for a Brew: Harriet Carr Stuart Palmer 740
  12. Lara & Leon: Leon Perrie Lara Shpeherd 710
  13. Ruahine: Leonie Waayer Sarah Bramwell Andrew Begbie 690 - 20L = 670
  14. Team Sam: Sam Walton Robyn Ryan Angus Watson 660
  15. Steven McKinstry: 590 - 50L 54S = 486
  16. Night Raiders: Boris Shneider Peter Humphrey 470
  17. Kina O: Ocean Mercier Pat van Berkel 400
  18. Diesel Power: Mike Dalzell Richard Dalzell 380
  19. Speedsters: Tim Hodgkinson Chris Hay 440 60L = 380
  20. Shark Attack: Mark Hearfield AJ Millwind Dave Dellabarca tbd

Kaukau, 18 June 15

Course planner Geoff McDonnell and Grant Hector,

Time 3 hours 100% dark. A miserable day and it didn't get any better after dark. But 55 participants though:-)).

Greg writes...
55 people turned up to brave the strong northerly wind and heavy rain on Thursday night for the June rogaine. The course covered a large area from Churton Park in the North through J'ville to Khandallah and Mt Kaukau. Due to the miserable weather a number of teams decided to stay off Kaukau and took to the streets rather than hitting the exposed ridges of Kaukau.

The course was fairly evenly spread for points. The winning team (BART) went up on to Kaukau and got the big points around there while second placed (Lightening Speed Robots) chose to head around the streets of Churton Park consistently picking up points before picking off a few of the markers on Kaukau.

Marker number 53 in Onslow College stumped a couple of teams that came up from the road as the track stopped a number of meters short of the ribbon. Those that came from the top seemed to get it OK. On the night every marker on the map was correctly visited by at least one team.

We also ran a shorter 1 hour rogaine to try and encourage school students to have a go. The weather probably put a few of them off. 6 people turned up and this was won by 10-year-old Ben Mitchell and his mum.

Some routes: Walking Wonders went 32 61 51 100 44 62 80 91 23 36 72 43 54 71 11 53 20 50.

Results, Walk

  1. Walking Wonders: Graeme Silcock Ian McCabe 920 -40L =880
  2. Majik: Jo McKenzie Mike Robbie 850
  3. The Flying Takahes: Jenny Visser Mike Fee Ket Bradshaw 620
  4. Faulkner: Simon Faulkner David Wahl 520
  5. Mike Judd Raewin Moss 400
  1. BART: Greg Thurlow Casper Harmer 1400
  2. Lightning Speed Robots: Kelvin Thiele Richard Persson Martin Bayly 1250
  3. Stray the Course: Mark Malone Philip Secker Andrew Thompson 1200
  4. Bog Trotters: Iain Atkinson Nic Blair, Ian Harrison 1170
  5. Ropain Rogaine: Andrew Bridger Chris Dewbery Peter Humphrey Ravi Chandra 1030
  6. Navigationally Challenged: John Justice Geoff Ferry 980
  7. Alistar Adams 990 -99S =891
  8. MMK: Mike Phethean Mike Dalziel Katy Glenie 840
  9. Cupid Stunts: Mike Sherwin Jeremy Wade 840
  10. Mark Hearfield A J Millward Bett Koch 800
  11. Boggies: Leonie Waayer Andrew Begbie Sarah Bramwell 710
  12. Simon Rea 730 -73S =657
  13. Slog and Plod: Gordon Balfour, Mel, Michael 680 -40L =640
  14. Kina O: Ocean Mercier Pat van Berkel 760 -150L =610
  15. Jenny Cassie Dave Rudge 590
  16. Team Betty: Jo Holden Kayleen Wilson 410
1hr P-Max Section
  1. Mitchell Madness: Nicola Mitchell Ben Mitchell 300
  2. Chaucey Ellis 160 -16S =144
  3. Distracted: James McDonnell Lee Bremner 120
  4. Los puenteris: Barbara Bridger 100 -10S =90

Takapu, 13 May 15

Course planner

Time 3 hours 100% dark. Despite rain earlier in the day it was quite warm and there were only a few spits. Huey obviously saving up for later! 49 participants.

Kelvin writes...
This course covered the hills south of Porirua, the inner range of Belmont Regional Park, and the neigbouring urban areas of Porirua. The non-urban areas are mostly open, requiring careful navigation. This is all area that will be turned into a motorway in a few years.

49 competitors braved the crappy weather forecast, and were rewarded with a clear evening instead. Most teams went for the easier points in the urban areas. Having got the easy points, they had to hit the trickier rural areas to get the winning points. The result was a very close result.

Live scoring was used again. It is certainly entertaining viewing to watch from the comfort of home what the teams are doing. One ribbon code went missing (101), and the planner's inability to count caused a bit of confusion - but all is sorted in the final results.

The webmaster comments that if you don't belong to an orienteering club, you're paying too much! When you click on "Register" you'll see other entry forms to the left, one of these is the OHV Membership form. And also, if you don't register by two days before you're also passing up a discount. This is the point when we order the maps. And the other lesson is to remember the limitations of question-and-answer and ribbon controls, don't spend too long if you feel confident you're in the right place. Text in "?" or write down something unique about the place on your answer sheet. It's not a championship.

Results, Walk

  1. Flying Takahes Jenny Visser Mike Fee 590
  2. Walking Wonders Ian McCabe Graeme Silcock 570
  1. BART Greg Thurlow Casper Harmer 1230 -50L =1180
  2. Bog Trotters Iain Atkinson Nic Blair, Chris Marton 1020
  3. Stray the Course Mark Malone Philip Secker Andrew Thompson 990
  4. Magnetic Variation Gillian Ingham Malcolm Ingham 990
  5. Lara and Leon Leon Perrie Lara Shepherd 980
  6. Blackberry Jam Robert Breukers Stefaan Janssens, 970
  7. Jeremy & Ants Jeremy Paterson Ants Harmer 960
  8. Navigationally Challenged John Justice Geoff Ferry 940
  9. Kath & Cam Katherine Allan Cam Durno 940
  10. Flannery Matt Flannery James Flannery 930
  11. Cupid Stunts Mike Sherwin Shane Caske 910
  12. Mikes Mike Phethean Mike Dizell 890
  13. Ropain Rogaine Chris Dewbery Peter Humphrey Boris Shneider 880
  14. The Thirsty Bridges Andrew Bridger Tim Hodgkinson 850
  15. Simon & Michael Simon Rea Michael Wood 850
  16. Sauchaibe Peter Wood Timon Aegler 910 -100L =810
  17. Lightning Speed Robots Richard 890 -89S =801
  18. Team Betty Jo Holden Siobhan Quayle Kayleen 790
  19. HGM Muriel Harriet Grace 710
  20. Kina O Ocean Mercier Pat van Berkel 710 -110L =600
  21. Mitchell Madness (2hrs) Nicola Mitchell Ben Mitchell 440
  22. Steven McKinstry (2hrs) Steven McKinstry 360

Karori, 22 Apr 15

Course planner

Time 3 hours mostly dark. Despite threatening rain the weather played ball, with just some soft misty rain late in the evening. 92 participants.

Rachel writes...
By our count 41 teams/ 92 people turned up for the first rogaine of the 2015 season. Despite threatening to be nasty the weather played ball and stayed away other than a soft misty rain late in the evening. The area covered Wrights Hill, Johnson's Hill and the Karori flats.

Most teams seem to have headed towards Wrights Hill, lured by the big pointers, though we think that Johnson's hill may have provided a better scoring rate. Greg Thurlow and Lizzie Ingham (Bart) took out overall with 1070 of a possible 1440 - 80 points over the Lightening Speed Robots (Kelvin Thiele and Richard Persson). The first walkers back were the Walking wonders (Ian McCabe and Graeme Silcock) on 730. 2 teams also hit the trails by bike and were impressed by the number of runners passing them on the hills.

Apologies for 42 which looks like I typed in the clue incorrectly and the confusion over East with the 100 pointer (though this was found by most). Also from the absent webmaster who made arrangements for the pre-registration but forgot about the results.

The text system was used by most and the routes taken can be seen here in column H.


  1. Bart: Greg Thurlow Lizzie Ingham 1070
  2. Lightning Speed Robots: Kelvin Thiele Richard Persson 910
  3. Murray and Laurence 850
  4. The Thirsty Bridge 840
  5. Richie Benaud 840
  6. Stray the Course 830
  7. Bog Trotters 790
  8. Team 22 740
  9. Walking Wonders (WALK) 730
  10. Ross & Hazel 730
  11. Lara and Leon 720
  12. Magnetic Variation 690
  13. Blackberry Jam 680
  14. Cupid Stunts 670
  15. Steven Mckinstry 740 -74S =666
  16. Wal and Phil 660
  17. Kendrew 660
  18. Team Piki (BIKE) 650
  19. Flying Takahes (WALK) 590
  20. Mark & Nick 590
  21. Iron Maidens (WALK) 580 -10L =570
  22. Simon Rea 610 -61S =549
  23. eels 10 (WALK) 540
  24. Violet Offenders Ride Again (WALK) 540
  25. Ropain Rogaine 520
  26. HGM 510
  27. Peter Wood 550 -55S =495
  28. Slog & Plod (WALK) 490
  29. Puriri Plodder 460 -46S =414
  30. foobar 400
  31. Speedsters (WALK) 390
  32. Mary and Kath 370
  33. EMKat 370 -30L =340
  34. Night Funk 310
  35. Team Henry (BIKE) 270 -27S =243
  36. Jazz 210
  37. Jerry 220 -22S =198
  38. Los puenteros (WALK) 80 -8S =72
  39. Better than Foucault (WALK) 330 -260L =70
  40. Ben & Bella no results
  41. Chris Martin no results