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News 2009

Scorecard on the Website, 27 May 09
Following requests from participants who want to explore other parts of the course, we have loaded the questions onto the website. The links are in the results section.

We Make it 540! Go the Safari! 26 May 09
We've got a story and pictures on the website now. More pics are here, and you can even play some uncut video we took on Youtube here! The Safari featured on TV3's "What Now?" on Sunday morning. Now counting isn't our strong point, but we make the total participation 540 people, for a New Zealand rogaine record!

Error Reverses Result, 19 May 09, Routes updated 25 May
The teams had it right the first time - a tie on 1175 points for the 6-hour win! But organisers under pressure discounted the "Aussie" answer to question 23 as random pencil marks - but it's clearly the correct answer "NZ". Ties in rogaines are broken by finish time, so the winners are - tadaaaaaa - David Rowlands and Jamie Stewart! Provisional results are now available. Winning route...

Poor Route Choice? 19 May 09
Last year's winners Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow were absent on Sunday - attempting to run the Milford Track. Extreme weather forced them back. Warm northerly gales on Mt Kaukau seem rather nice now boys? More...

Edwards and Wilson Take 6th Safari, 17 May 09
Bill Edwards and Tim Wilson took advantage of the absence of last year's winners to regain their 6-hour Safari title, in spite of a determined challenge from Australian rogaine guru David Rowlands with local orienteer Jamie Stewart, and two other teams with world championship credentials. The two teams were equal on points until a check revealed some controls overlooked. Gale conditions overnight gave way to blustery and warm conditions.Result summary...

Windy Wellington Welcomes Walkers! 16 May 09
It's gonna be an exciting day in many ways - this is WINDY Wellington after all! The ferry is unlikely to be running but everything else should be there. With a record entry, we suggest you arrive early, especially the 3-hour teams - we can't give everyone their maps at once! Send your leader to check in rather than the whole team. Welcome.

... And NZ's Biggest Rogaine! 14 May 09
Not only the biggest Safari but New Zealand's biggest rogaine! At 500 people we have comfortably passed last year's Piha Rogaine, previously NZ's largest. Whoooeeeee!

Super City Safari, 8 May 09
As at entry date there are 400 people, this is the biggest City Safari we have had! Yes we can take late entries within the limits of our printing, as well as sending the form in we recommend with all your details to reserve your maps.

Australian Rogaine Entry, 7 May 09
Top Australian rogainer David Rowlands has entered the City Safari. A pioneer of the team navigation sport which was born in Australia, Rowlands planned the first world championship in 1992, and since then has been in the winning team no less than three times!

Keen for Adventure, 4 May 09
Another Safari entry, "One Night Stand", has just finished fifth in the Keen Adventure Race in Victoria. Rachel Ockelford and Liam Drew were fourth in last year's 6hr Safari; and are also course planners for a night-time rogaine in mid June. Rachel works for NZ Bus, the company which provides the Go Wellington services you will be using!

Te Puke Intermediate Hits Town, 29 Apr 09
At the other end of the scale, 40 students from Te Puke Intermediate are visiting the capital, and will take part in the Safari. What better way to get city skills and see the sights at the same time...

World Champs for Safari, 16 Apr 09
Entries so far include World #2 Rogainer Dennis de Monchy, and the current Mixed Junior champions Georgia Whitla and Tim Farrant. De Monchy and adventure racer Nathan Fa'avae were narrowly beaten in last year's Safari, this year he will compete with his brother Pim.

All Aboard!!! 16 Mar 09
Entry forms are now available for the sixth City Safari. The navigation game whose playing field is the entire Wellington city - and anything but level! It's up to you to find out how to use public transport to best advantage - or whether you're better to go for the dress-up prize! Download here...

Safari Title Wide Open, 4 Mar 09
The 6-hour Safari is wide open after Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow have advised they won't be defending their title. They've decided they can't miss a rare opportunity to run the Milford Track in one day! Meantime planning is well under way on a new course that will challenge these super-humans and also provide control points closer together for 3-hour teams. Entry forms soon.

Next Safari Date Announced, 17 Jul 08
The next Metlink City Safari will be on Sunday 17 May 2009. The day on the buses/explore the city/serious navigational contest all rolled into one has captured the imagination, and we’ll do it again – new controls, new boundaries, and a few new twists as well...

News 2008

Even Closer than we Thought! 28 May 08
There are always a few mistakes in the results - most not significant. But second-placed Fa'avae and de Monchy had put an answer in the wrong box - and as a result counted a 70 as a 60. The extra 10 points makes them only 5 short of the victory. How close is that! Check out the revised results, and as we receive them, the routes of winners and others.

Result Determined by Finish Time, 23 May 08
Nathan Fa'avae and Dennis de Monchy bagged the highest gross in the Metlink City Safari on Sunday. But a 5-minute lateness penalty coming in from Island Bay pared them back from 1050 to 1000. Winners Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow got back to the city early, mopping up a couple of close controls, and finishing with 5 minutes to spare! Story and pictures...

Photos Photos Photos, 20 May 08
Our photographer has put his Safari photos on the web where you can browse and buy. You can even order the digital file! Lots of goodies there including the ferry and the cablecar. Link...

Foster and Thurlow Again, 18 May 08, results added 19 May
After mysteriously losing each other last year, Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow came back to win today's Safari, pipping champion rogainers Dennis de Monchy and Nathan Fa'avae by just 15 points. Another former winner Al Cross with Jerome Sheppard was third. Starting from a brand-new trolley-bus parked on Queens Wharf teams used four modes of transport besides their feet, with the harbour ferry being used for the first time. Brief summary, provisional Results...

All Set to Go, 16 May 08
350 people have signed up for the fifth Metlink City Safari on Sunday, and entries are still being accepted. The course maps are looking fantastic, with more control points than ever before. And twice as many special controls for the 3-hour teams - grouped in clusters to make them easier to get. The forecast is looking good for Sunday, and we hope the winds will let the ferry be part of the event for the first time. Don't forget to check the Detailed Info.

Former Winners are Back, 9 May 08
A big swag of entries in the last coupla days, including Al Cross and Jill Westenra (who ranks up there with Steve Gurney in the Coast to Coast history. Or is that herstory?) They won in 2005. Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow have promised to be back, they won in 2006. Last year's winner Bill Edwards will be on the sideline, but he's sending his wife, kids and in-laws instead. And the 3hr teams have got the 12-year-old bullet Tim Robertson and his Dad to contend with again! Maybe you should concentrate on your costumes... Others reading this, we can take late entries up to the limit of our special map printing. Which has been assisted by a generous grant from the Pelorus Trust.

Dancing with the Stars, 7 May 08
You too can compete with Steve Gurney - and you don't have to run over a mountain range or learn to tango! The nine-times Coast to Coast winner will be in the City Safari on Sunday week. He says his ankles are dodgy, from running or dancing we're not sure, so he'll be looking for the "clever" checkpoints. One more day for ordinary entries.

Entries from Afar, 1 May 08
Just a week to entry time! We have entries from Canterbury, Nelson, Manawatu and Taranaki. In the pipeline are Dennis de Monchy of the current world rogaine champion team; and Nathan Fa'ave who is a current NZ rogaine champion! And of course close to home as well, such as David Edmonds (Wellington) who has been in every City Safari to date. Entry list...

Details Updated, 19 Apr 08
Course planners are hard at work designing the course - and you can now read about the new plan for grouping control points in the detailed info. Entries are rolling in. And we're pleased to report that the Eco City Challenge in Auckland attracted 250 on its first time out.

Entries Open, 7 Apr 08
Entries are now open for the 2008 City Safari - which will start this year on Queens Wharf, under the sails. Round up those friends, workmates, schoolmates, and dream up a zippy team name. We've made it even easier for families this year, with free entry for kids up to year 6. Download the Entry Form (240kb PDF).

Partners All Aboard, 18 Mar 08
All of our public transport partners are with us again for the 2008 City Safari - Go Wellington, Tranz Metro, Wellington Cablecar and East by West Ferry. This will give you a huge choice of travel options - besides your feet! Entry details will be here shortly after Easter; meantime check out the Waitakere City Eco City Challenge. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

2008 Dates Announced, 20 Dec 07
The 2008 City Safari has been set down for Sunday 18 May - in Wellington again or at least close. Gotta keep you guessing. And we said dates deliberately - the Eco City Challenge on Sunday 13 April in Waitakere City will be very similar. We'll keep you posted...

News 2007

Shock Reversal, 25 May 07
Checking the cards has revealed some errors, as you would expect; but one of them affects the top two teams on the 6-hour course! Only one digit, but Team Norsewear were given 100 points too many; and the new winner is, taraaa.... Bill Edwards and Tim Wilson! Check out the story and pics. Results now include winners' routes and comments to compare with your own...

Rachael Join our Marketing Team! 22 May 07
The Breeze has a time on Monday mornings for kids to phone in and tell listeners about what they got up to in the weekend - usually they have 5-6 on the show. Rachael from Northland School Go-Go Girls was the second caller, and made such a good job of describing the Safari in a couple of sentences, that the announcers questioned her for several minutes and no other callers had a chance! Some of the 26 Northlanders are shown here.

Westenra, Cross Regain Rogaine, 20 May 07
Jill Westenra and Al Cross won back the 6hr City Safari urban rogaine title today, ahead of Bill Edwards and Tim Wilson. Amazingly John Robertson and 12-year-old Tim beat 90 other teams in the 3hr category. 370 participants enjoyed winds up to 100kph which prevented the ferry from putting in at Seatoun. Provisional results... (But see news above!)

And a World Champion, 17 May 07
Another entry just received comes from Yvette Baker who won a world orienteering championship for UK in 1999. Now married to a kiwi and living in Karori, she'll be doing the 3-hour Safari with Joel(3yrs) and Rachel(1). The 3-hr event will be started by mayor Kerry Prendergast.

Coast-to-Coaster Enters, 14 May 07
Just had advice of the entry of Fleur Pawsey, winner of this year's C-to-C "Longest Day"! Running with Colin Slater as training for the XPD Adventure Race in Queensland, she'll be a good match for Jill Westenra, who has 4 earlier C-to-C wins. The 6hr Safari will be set off on Sunday by Green Party Transport Spokesperson Sue Kedgley.

Record Entry, 11 May 07
As of yesterday entries had reached 110 teams totalling 285 people - surpassing last year's figure already! Heaps of families, and at the top, orienteer Bill Edwards who regularly wins 3hr afterwork rogaines which he does for training could challenge last year's winners Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow, and Crazyman top team Al Cross and Jill Westenra. Late entries can still be taken up to the limit of the special map printing.

Details and Advice, 9 May 07
We've now installed this year's detail page. Similar to last year, but there are changes so please read. And we've also put together some advice and hints. Entries are rushing in (26 from Northland School!) so check out your rivals:-))

More than Enough Controls, 5 May 07
This year's course is shaping up nicely says planner Michael Wood. We keep finding interesting control points, the problem is whittling them down to a reasonable number. Last year there were 63 . Entries are steadily arriving - including one from last year's 6hr winners Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow. Entries close on Thursday 10 May, although we'll try to cater for late entries in our map printing.

Entries Open - Family-Friendly, 5 Apr 07
The City Safari has been a big hit with families, especially the 3-hour event. So we're bringing in a Family category this year - and there will also be more control points available just to 3-hour teams. Now before you 20-something adventure racers with a still-fit parent think you're going to scoop this one - a "family" will have to have a year-10 person or under:-)) Download the Entry Form (640kb PDF).

New Travel Mode - Harbour Ferry, 30 Mar 07
Teams will face a new choice in this year's Safari - the East by West Ferry to Seatoun! This will specially suit the 3-hour contestants, as there is an outward service just after your start, and the trip time is competitive with the bus. This makes four modes of public transport, alongside bus, train and cablecar. (Pssst, does this give anything away about the new boundaries for the course???)

Sunday Safari, 14 Feb 07
The 2007 City Safari will move to Sunday. It will be based in downtown Wellington again though with new boundaries. Public transport services on Sunday are pretty-well as good as Saturday - surprised? And the day will allow those with Saturday commitments to take part. The date - Sunday 20 May. Stand by for more info...

News 2006

All Controls Visited, 31 May 06
Every single control in the City Safari got at least one visit. The Paul Dibble sculpture was the most popular overall, with the most on the main course being... well check out the hit parade and winners' routes via the Results.

"Beating Down the Door To Enter", 26 May 06
That's a prediction for next year from Shane Ross, who wrote to express thanks to the Regional Council and the public transport system - for his three-generation team plus baby buggy! Story and pictures...

"The Best Maps of Urban Wellington", 22 May 06
Jerome Sheppard wrote "Around 30 minutes from town the whole time but such fantastic tracks and scenery ...they must be the best maps of urban Wellington - great fun taking the alleyways and shortcuts available around town. Have started to think about taking a second job as a getaway man as I reckon I could devise a route that would be hard to follow..." As well as his career as a top adventure racer, Jerome has a day job at ... Land Information New Zealand!

Moving Up to Win, 20 May 06
Last year's 3-hour winners Andy Foster and Greg Thurlow moved up to 6 hours this year, and beat titleholders Al Cross and Jill Westenra for the win by 100 points. They covered Johnsonville, Khandallah, Ngaio including gorge tunnel (click on image), Wilton Bush, Karori skyline, Wrights Hill, round the top of the Wildlife Sanctuary and down through the maze of streets in Aro Valley. Results have been posted.

Entry List Full, 17 May 06
With a great deal of regret the entry list has been declared "full". There are a great many preparations to make and numbers estimated last weekend have been reached. Sorry to anyone who misses out, money in transit will of course be returned, and your email recorded to let you know of the next one:-))

Final Details Available, 17 May 06
An updated "Details" is now available. The important stuff such as "rules of the game" has been separated from the help and advice which is now on a separate web-page. Entries have passed 250 people, and we may hit the limit imposed by our print-run. And with the storm over, the forecast is for a good day on Saturday:-))

Investment for Safari, 12 May 06
You told us last year that other passengers are curious about the event - prepare for more interest this time! We've made a set of race vests carrying the words "Metlink City Safari" and there will be one for each team. Very lightweight material and as in adventure races designed to be worn over everything else. Well it IS an adventure, isn't it?

Record Entry, 10 May 06
As at midnight 10 May there were 74 team entries, evenly split between the 6 and 3hr categories. That represents 190 people, already well past last years 140! Check out the entry list. We know of some problems with the online entry form, so if you're not there and you should be, or phone 04 566 2645.

Entries Flowing In, 3 May 06
First entry in was Janet Wilson and Yvette Cottam from Ashhurst, last year's top 6hr womens team. The outright winners, adventure racers Jill Westenra and Al Cross, will take part again, as will the "Three Generations" team - this year with a new baby! And Green MP Sue Kedgley will be the official starter.

Bus Stop Numbers On Map, 30 Apr 06
The tricky computer job of getting the bus-stop numbers onto the map has been achieved - avoiding having to type them all! There are about 1300 in Wellington though a lot will fall outside the area selected for the competition. Bus stop numbers will enable you to use txt-bus to check up on scheduled times while you are out on the course.

Start Point Chosen; Entries Now Open, 24 Mar 06
The start of the 2006 City Safari will be Frank Kitts Park, with the prologue around the waterfront and civic centre. Entries are now open - via an online form in conjunction with a bank transfer, or posting a paper entry form and cheque.

Cable Car Joins Safari, 7 Mar 06
The Wellington Cable Car will be an allowable transport mode for this year's City Safari. This will provide an energy-saving way of getting to control points in Kelburn and the top of the gardens. The transport pass which is part of your entry will get you on board.

2006 Safari Date Announced: Sat 20 May
The 2006 City Safari will be on 20 May. And it will move from its foundation locale of Lower Hutt to Wellington. The capital also has an exciting mix of bush and suburbia with transport routes threading throughout - with the addition of the labyrinth which is downtown! Mappers have been steadily working on the special map which is required, and will shortly select the boundaries and event centre. Watch this space for further information; or to find out more check out last year's details. Enquiries , Ph 04 566 2645.

And so do Urban Adventure Races, 3 Mar 06
After the last Safari we listed some Urban Adventure Races. Since then the "Bell City Chase" in Canada has expanded into a worldwide series with a final. First in the 2006 series is in Sydney on 25 March. Gotta happen in NZ soon...

Safari Spreads, 13 Feb 06
You can't keep a good idea to yourselves, and nor would we want to! Last year with NZ Orienteering Federation funding we flew in a team from Auckland and from Christchurch, knowing that taking part was worth any amount of talking, writing and emailing:-)) The result: an Auckland Safari on 17 March (part of the Trans-Tasman Master Games on the North Shore, organised by NWOC) and a Christchurch Safari scheduled for 8 July organised by PAPO). We wish them well.

News 2005

Other Urban Adventures, 13 Aug 05, updated 18 Aug
We've discovered some similar events around the world which bring adventure into the city. Mind you there's nothing quite like public transport to create a moving playing field:-)) More...

You Said It, 11 Aug 05
Fascinating pot pourri of your experiences, pasted in as received:-))

Buses and Trains a Winner, 10 Aug 05
Public Transport was a winner again in the 2005 City Safari, with participants praising the service and staff. Course design this year didn't favour the trains to the same extent but buses were used to and within Wainuiomata, Days Bay, Maungaraki and up and down the main Hutt Valley. Story and pictures...

Mixed Teams to the Fore, 6 Aug 05, updated 7 Aug
The win today of outstanding endurance athletes Al Cross and Jill Westenra was no surprise, but a mixed team was also second. Debbie Mansfield, Julie Gordon and Glen Warner only began rogaining this year, but after placing second in the autumn afterwork series call themselves "Quick Learners"! And in the 3hr event won by Greg Thurlow and WCC councillor Andy Foster (pictured) mixed teams were 4th (Chaucey and Michael Ellis) and 5th (Jenny Visser, Mike Fee and their 7-year-old son Christopher). There were 56 teams in total. Results now include winners' routes, control hit parade.

Entries Reach 140, 5 Aug 05
Entries continue to arrive and we are close to the numbers of maps and transport passes that we have:-)) If you can't enter, pay us a visit in Andrews Ave Lower Hutt during the day. Between the starts and the finish you can try out the 15min prologue around the city centre for free! TV One Weather says "you'll be hard-pressed to fault Wellington," with temperatures 4-14 forecast. Click here for the weather at the moment...

Good Weather predicted for Saturday, posted 3 Aug 05
A spell of fine weather has dried out tracks in the city's bush surroundings, and a fine day is predicted for Saturday. The courses are final now with 55 control points to choose from for the main event and 18 for the prologue. Entries look like reaching more...

Record Entries, 29 July 2005
At the close of ordinary entry numbers have already exceeded last year's final total. Entries can still be accepted subject to supplies of the special limited edition map and travel pass, so contact course planner Ph 566 2645, to make sure.

Entries from Far and Wide, 21 July 2005
Top multisporters Al Cross (last year's winning team) and Jill Westenra (multiple Coast to Coast winner) are putting together several teams from their training circle. Auckland and Christchurch orienteers are sending teams to see the event at first hand, obviously it's a goer in those cities. Aucklanders include former Lower Hutt man Phil Wood who runs rogaines in the Waitakeres. The South Islanders are students who have actually run similar informal activities on the Christchurch buses with their mates! Ordinary entries close next Wed, 27 July.

Detailed Info Available, 21 July 2005
The first version of the detailed information about the event is now available. It contains the "rules of the game", one or two details that weren't final when the entry form was completed, and some general advice.

Timetable Info via Cellphone, 7 July 2005
Hot off the press is a new text messaging service from Greater Wellington Regional Council, which will tell you the next three bus services for a given bus stop! The service is being trialled in the Hutt Valley starting tomorrow, so should be a boon for Safari competitors:-)) Pick up a brochure or check out the GW website.

Entry from Rogaining Pioneer, 30 June 2005
Entries are coming in for the 2005 Safari, with the first from Diane and Warwick Hill of Wellington. The pair were 7th last year in the 6hr category, but Warwick's involvement in rogaining goes back a long way. Running with his son Peter he won the very first Rogaine in NZ - a 4hr event in Belmont Regional Park on 3 Feb 1991!

2005 Entry Form Available, 19 June 2005
The 2005 City Safari entry form is now available to download. It contains essential information to enter. More useful info will be progressively added to the "Detailed Info" section of the website. But we can say that the start will be in Andrews Ave again, and the area will include the eastern and western hills and part of East Harbour Regional Park.

2005 Safari Date Announced: Saturday 6 August
The 2005 City Safari will run (and ride:-)) on 6 August. Founding partners Cityline Hutt Valley, Tranz Metro, Greater Wellington and Hutt City are enthusiastically behind the event, after overwhelmingly positive media coverage about public transport last year. Course planners have selected new boundaries which contain an exciting variety of bush tracks plus is well-served by buses and trains! The event will start in downtown Lower Hutt again. Watch this space for further information; or to find out more check out last year's details. Enquiries , Ph 04 566 2645.

News 2004

Lost in the Mists of Time...
The first City Safari was run in Lower Hutt on 24 July 2004. We didn't have a flash website then, so nothing for the news archive. But here are the results. There were 80 participants.

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