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(NB the first couple of events are low-key intro events so they don't score any points.)

Ak Attack Prologue, 10 Feb 18

Course planner assisted by Michael Wood. 18 riders.

Wow, did we target the wrong market today! Biking and trail running in Belmont Regional Park should have provided straightforward nav and interesting route choice. But a warm mist reduced the visibility and made it thoroughly red level! Newcomers had real trouble up there, but all found their way back.

The day was conceived as a contribution to a national series of MTBO events which hasn't got rolling yet, so was converted to an Ak Attack Prologue. Which may or may not be what people want before a rugged day in the Aka's!!! So Gavin chopped off the usual C1, and ran C2, 3 and 4 from up on the Old Coach Road to minimise climb. Putting out controls on Friday in a warm breeze, you could see for miles. This was going to be great!

We succeeded well in attracting some newish navigators, including women aiming at the Spirit of Adventure. But just as riders were setting off between 1-2pm, in rolled the mist. This made cross-country legs (which were allowed today) REALLY challenging, and even the appearance of a concrete bunker wasn't necessarily a help - which of the 50 was it??? So there were a few DNFs, but a lot of learning.


We have indicated some teams who cut out the last section to get back by our closing time (a maze of MTB tracks on the way down). Others should know that navigating in the mist requires top level skills and you'll benefit from re-riding the course on a normal day. Hint: you can get to the start with hardly any climb from the end of Normandale Road, when you've done the bunkers bit ride back down the Old Coach Road to your car.

Course 2, 15km, 450m climb

  1. Jim Sutherland 155-47
Course 3, 12km, 250m climb
  1. Mike O'Connor, 141-55
  2. Bill Trompetter, 149-05
  3. David Derby cut d/h section 131-34
  4. Daniel Meares cut d/h section 132-29
  5. Howard Symmes cut d/h section 133-10
  6. Yasmin Kavas, Kirsty Bullard, Keryn Deller cut d/h section 154-10
  7. Karen Knowles,Lauren Prosser, Julia Han, Jo McManaway Found quite hard
  8. Adele Fitzpatrick and Annabelle also found quite hard
  9. Rob Pearce suffered from map in pocket syndrome
Course 3, 8km, 100m climb
  1. Alex Blundell and Julia Fraser 147-50

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