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B-Max Beginner Event, Wainui Trail Park, 24 Feb 19

Course planner . 1 rider.

An unfortunate combination of circumstances today - neighbouring club put on a competing event; and the forecasters promising dire weather. Be it known that the rain was quite light, reaching an annoying level only after the closing time of noon.

We'll re-run the event in weather better suited to kids and beginners. And next time we'll be able to depend entirely on the smartphone app MapRun for timing. This uses your phone's GPS to tell us whether and when you visited each control so does away with question-and-answer, clipcards, expensive electronic boxes, honesty systems and the like. Before today we weren't sure whether it would work in the bush, and (at least for the planner's phone) it does! Stand by for more events like this.


Course A, 1km including M/C skills area
  1. William Power 11:13
Course B, 2.8km, Wetland Loop
  1. No takers
Course E, 5km, Wetland Loop with embellishments
  1. William Power 48:25

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