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Baring Breeze, Baring Head Regional Park, 15 Mar 20

Course planner . 43 riders.

Great day at Baring Head today with perfect weather conditions! Two courses to provide experience for new and those with nav experience, including a rarity for MTBO of cross-country travel towards a point feature! We welcomed 43 riders from world-class to "normal" orienteers, adventure racers from Godzone level to secondary school, and of course mountain-bikers.

And some more testing of the cellphone app MapRun, though it seemed that the weak signal made it only register visits sometimes. We'll need to do more testing to establish the conditions under which it will work - and its always going to be dependant on your cellphone type and age. I can see four rides that have made it back onto the server - if you used the app please try and upload now you're home, the data is probably still on your phone.

To show the potential, anyone can visit the MapRun website and choose "Leaderboard Quick Link". In the filter box type "Baring" and follow thru to "Baring Breeze Main". You'll see a table of successful uploads. Be aware that I gave the app EVERY control to save time on my part, so riders may have scored controls on the other course.

Try clicking on "Track" - those who use the RouteGadget website will recognise this. I can see where you actually went, and you can see the route I took to put out the ribbons. Imagine if everyone was on the app!! Apart from taking in the ribbons, the course can be done at any time.

But never mind the fancy stuff, the important thing was, did you have a good ride and perhaps learn some new skills? See you next time.

Long (11km actual) (Mostly self-reported times, some times not known. Updates to 18 Mar)

  1. Jonny Crickmore 48:50
  2. John Robertson 51:15
  3. Peter Mitchell 51:25
  4. Laura Robertson 57:42
  5. Nicole Ranger 1:05
  6. Ryan Topp 1:05
  7. Nicola Mitchell 1:07
  8. Alex Thompson 1:12:05
  9. Aaron Murrihy 1:12:59
  10. Alan Teesdale 1:16
  11. Jim Sutherland 1:16
  12. Paul Teesdale-Spittle 1:21:30
  13. Jenny Visser 1:22:30
  14. Mike Fee 1:23
  15. Hughan Scott 1:23
  16. Hamish Trolove 1:23
  17. Mandy and John Hancock 1:38:23
  18. Mia, Liam, Jason Brown 1:40:14
  19. Jo Boyle +1 2:40 incl taking pictures
  • Sharyn Mitchell +2 Unkn
  • Kim Meredith Janny Cassie +2 Unkn
  • Troy Thompson +1 Unkn
  • Kiri Shibahara Unkn
  • Byron Adlam Unkn
Short (about 5km actual) (NB failed to record which course, so this is a guess)
  1. Ali and William Power 51:16
  2. Nicole and Greg Maddigan 58:00
  3. Azaria, Echelon, Clinton Topp 1:10:41
  4. Janice Kang +1 Abt 2:00

Sprint Adventure Race Chapter Four, 6 Feb 20

Course planner assisted by Kieran and Oliver Edwards. Hutt River corridor from Moonshine to Totara Park Bridge. Fine day. 71 people, many from Onslow College Adventure Racing squad.
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