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Wellington 2019 Afterwork Rogaine Series Results

Pinehaven, 27 Nov 2018

This entry is actually from last year, just to create the template for the first results this year. Makes the webmaster's job a bit easier.

Time 3hrs, 10% dark, 50 participants. After a wet day the rain cleared, with some mist around the tops.

Course planners and Ocean Mercier.

Pat writes...
With the Big Trig earlier in the month, and national rogaine champs the weekend before we were wondering who would turn up. The 1-hour rogaine was advertised in the local community newsletter and in Neighbourly. On the day it rained heavily through much of the day but in Pinehaven the rain cleared up at 5pm and stayed clear, with mist around the tops. It was ideal running weather.

There were 20 3-hour runners, 12 3-hour walkers, 18 1-hour runners and walkers, including a 7-strong group from Onslow College. Some of the 1-hour participants had seen our article in the newsletter and took part for the first time in a rogaine or orienteering event.

The teams enjoyed the event. Bill Edwards won the 3-hour category in convincing fashion, visiting all but 4 controls. Kilgour Vikings lost their 10-point lead over Vic & Jo, upon scrutiny of their answer for control 21. The correct answer was 6 and we accepted 5 but their answer of 4 was not accepted. Sorry folks !! Vic and Jo therefore came second. In the 3-hour walk, Over-Engineered just pipped the Flying Takahes by visiting the same controls plus one extra 10 pointer. On the evening Kieran Edwards won the chocolate prize for highest points in the 1-hour group but later during control checking it was found that Oliver in fact had won. He is owed a chocolate bar.

1 hour (walk or run, no solo penalty; 5 points/min late)

  1. Oliver Edwards 390 -120L =270 (1:24)
  2. Kieran Edwards 290 -30L =260 (1:06)
  3. Nicola Mitchell 190 (0:57)
  4. Onslow Get2Go: Kiri Shibahara Josh Henshaw, Sam Harris-Voss, Ben Mitchell, Francis Wright-johns, Louise Anscombe, Ryan Joe 180 (0:59)
  5. Alena Woo Alex Cumming 170 (1:00)
  6. Flying Kipper: Katy Bailey Charlie Bailey 160 (0:59)
  7. Concrew: Kath and Mike O'Connor 130 (0:59)
  8. Julia White Akio Shibahara 40 (0:30)
3-hour walk
  1. Over Engineered: Graeme Silcock Tom Dittmer, Francesca Smith 930 (3:00)
  2. Flying Takahes: Jenny Visser Mike Fee 920 (2:58)
  3. Blackberry Jam: Bob Breukers 950 -95S =855 (2:54)
  4. Three Grand Staffordians: Melanie Cotterill Jane Boydon, Anthony 690 (2:56)
  5. Kareering karearea: Simon Faulkner Isabelle Faulkner Elliot Faulkner 460 (2:45)
3-hour run
  1. Bill Edwards 1430 -143S =1287 (2:59)
  2. Vic McMurdo Jo Pearce 1010 (2:58)
  3. Kilgour Vikings: Hazel Bidmead Mike Instone 1000 (2:56)
  4. Maz and John: John Willmer Mary McBride, Mark Hearfield 970 (2:53)
  5. Tiffany Lester Iain McIver 970 (2:57)
  6. JoKenz: Ann Kendon Stuart Palmer 910 (2:55)
  7. Murray Munro Andrew Newman 500 (2:57)
  8. Meg Shaw Rochelle Andrews 390 (1:42)
  9. Aimee and friends: Aimee Paterson Emily Shrosbree, Sarah Fisher, Sumudu 510 -120L =390 (3:12)